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The Anti-Social In-Justice Warriors of Los Angeles County

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Los Angeles County, California is the most populated county in the country.

(California also has the largest county by square mile, but at least it’s far more conservative).


Los Angeles County has deep poverty in its urban core, with an elitist political class that distances itself from the cultural and economic problems of its own making.

The homelessness! It is staggering, unprecedented, and unrelenting.

Local activists have sprung up all over the county, especially in the Greater Los Angeles area, to combat this perversity.

Even in my hometown—Torrance, CA—I have seen more transients brazenly sleeping on sidewalks, wandering up and down streets. This problem requires immediate attention. Of course, the left-wing geniuses who have overrun Los Angeles city and county government want to float a multi-million dollar bond.

More government money cannot solve the homelessness problem in Los Angeles County.

It’s the culture, stupid!

At the heart of the anti-truth, anti-life, anti-right illiberal regressive cult overwhelming The County of Angels? Aggressive, Anti-Social In-Justice Warriors. Is anyone surprised in our own backyard we have UCLA, USC, Cal State Long Beach, Cal State Los Angeles (where Screaming Welfare queen Maxine Waters got her “education”, and where conservative columnist Ben Shapiro was nearly chased out), and Cal State Northridge (where aggressive anti-life and anti-marriage students forced out Professor Robert Oscar Lopez for his views on marriage).


LA area colleges have gotten good at being bad, not just with execrable curricula which ignore things like truth, research, and honest inquiry. Indoctrination and left-wing activism are the rule of the day. Conservative students get shut down. If you’re a conservative in student government, you face losing your college stipend. Jacob Ellenhorn, the President of the USC College Republicans, lost his pay for inviting Milo Yiannopoulos, for example.

What has happened to this region? The People’s Republic of Los Angeles is the new normal? Be afraid, people, be afraid.

When We the People Rising cheered for LA County Sheriff Jim McDonnell signaled his support for ICE to return to LA County jails, illegal alien supporters chanted up and down the steps, flashed their home-made scenes, and screeched at the press. I have witnessed this hatred many times. Thankfully, cooler heads prevailed (plus the fear of more deaths at the hands of violent illegals, and the lawsuits certain to follow).

Sadly, from the appointment of two illegal aliens to city commission in Huntington Park, to the sanctuary city syndrome sickening major municipalities (including Los Angeles, of course!) the scourge of lawlessness has become background noise.

And those illegal alien activists … they are as common as dirt—and they act that way, too!


For the past year, I have clashed with these regressive frauds throughout the region.

I never thought I would have to endure their dangerous stupidity in the South Bay …

I had mentioned last week about Maricopa County, Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s visit to the West Carson Veterans of Foreign Wars Hall on September 25th.

I did not, however, feature the disgusting abuse of the Anti-Social In-Justice Warriors (AIWs) who descended on our event. I want the world to know how obstreperous they were, and I want everyone who reads this to realize how serious the stakes are for this election, and our future efforts as conservatives take back our cities, our states, and this country.

The AIWS trespassed on private property. The sidewalk outside of this Veterans Hall does not belong to any passerby. Three times the organizers of our event informed them to take their protest to the sidewalk along the street. They refused.

Already lawless.

The attacks continued as one of the protesters seized the phone of my good friend Johnnie Maul, who has connected with young Republicans throughout the county. He brought in six more to my club, the Beach Cities Republicans (the prior President now serves as my state assemblyman!).

More lawlessness.

Then this crazy black protester, dressed in a pink shawl that doubled as a dress, shouted every stupid, left-wing cliché imaginable: “This is our country! Black and Brown! My people built this county! You all go back to your caves! F—k Trump!”


Yes. Crazy.

She later turned on the black conservative in our group, another one of the Arpaio event’s organizers. This racist protester slammed her as a “House N—gga!” and then “Sell out!” The other members of this abusive rabble joined the chant “Sell out! Sell out!” And the media tells the world that Republicans are racist?

Did I forget to mention that another AIW pushed one of our members to the ground? And another punched—yes, punched!—a veteran who worked at the hall? They also spat at our veterans!

We’re not just dealing with Cry-Bullies, people. Los Angeles County is teeming with domestic terrorists who masquerade as activists with bearing communist red shirts and promoting Socialist candidate Gloria de la Riva for President.

Let’s not forget that they confronted our guest Sheriff Joe Arpaio with middle fingers blaring, and vicious insulting flaring. How can they call themselves anything associated with justice?

And who was instigating, leading this disturbing scene, a mockery of the First Amendment, particularly freedom of speech and association? Jimmy Gow, the President of the Torrance Democratic Club. You can see him in the above photo—black glasses and blond spiky hair—consenting to this travesty, and at other points in the “demonstration”, he justified the destructive behavior of the group and smiled!


This is the Democratic Party of today even in center-right Torrance CA: a ruthless mob of communistic hate-mongers with no regard for natural rights or the rule of law.

And they define the political temperament of Los Angeles County. But don’t worry, my fellow conservatives! With your help (and outreach), we are going to punch back twice as hard at these insolent, spoiled brats and teach them to mind their manners, and respect our rights—even here in ultra-liberal Los Angeles County. (Why not get the fight started? Contact Jimmy Gow at (310) 538-0245 and demand an apology!)

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