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Last month, I wrote that California is the land of fruits and nuts.

But with what unaccountable, entitled legislators are doing now, California is becoming one rocky horror show (Forget Tim Curry, and forgo the music).


There is nothing funny about the anti-life, anti-liberty bent of what California Democrats are dreaming up.

Homosexual marriage has been forced on Californians by judicial fiat, even though the voters had affirmed natural marriage in the state constitution—and in a presidential year, no less. “Transgendered” youth can use the same restrooms and changing rooms as their peers. Today, children as young as the second grade will be learning about major figures in LGBT History. San Francisco beat the state school board to this “milestone,” offering a gay studies course as an elective last year.

Read that again: California’s youth are learning about historical figures because of their alternative private lives? The only good news that has emerged from this assault on life, liberty, and reality is that more parents are removing their kids from government schools. The malaise of cultural Marxism is destroying California.

And who is the latest Democratic ringleader for this corrupt carnival?

State Senator Ricardo Lara (D-Bell Gardens), an anchor baby born to illegal aliens in East Los Angeles. By taking in family members, his parents were not only enabling illegal immigration, but also child molestation. One of the illegals in their safe house repeatedly abused Lara as a child. Though he denies it, that abuse would distort his identity and sexuality. Listen to his disturbing story (and his equally unsettling take on it) here.


Today, Lara is the biggest promoter of the open borders lobby … and the oppressive LGBT agenda. While Lara’s tragic childhood should awaken pity, but why should the entire state of California suffer for his personal hurts? Why are our rights being molested and abused?

His latest iteration against us? Lara’s destructive, anti-First Amendment bill SB 1146, which fired off the rage and outrage of an enraged California public, whether Democrat or Republican.

To recap:

SB 1146 is a drastic, officious limitation on the First Amendment, particularly targeting Christian colleges. Currently, these schools claim a justified exemption from Title IX of the Civil Rights Act, which prohibits discrimination based on sex. The premise for these exemptions rests on separating men and women in their living quarters, as well as opening up specific studies and professions (like the priesthood) to men only.

The Title IX code is facing unprecedented distortions from the Obama Administration, working at the behest of the vulgar, virulent homosexual lobby in the state. Discrimination based on “sex” is now being twisted to mean “sexual orientation” or “gender identity”. This is Orwellian nonsense.

Confucius warned his students: “When words lose their meaning, men lose their liberty.”

How true that is with Lara’s nefarious SB 1146.


This bill would limit Title IX exemptions to expressly religious studies and vocational training. The bill would require all Christian colleges to publish to prospective students their exemption status.

This bill would also open up those colleges to lawsuits from any students allying with the LGBT movement to claim discrimination.

This is outrageous! Students who engage in same-sex conduct or adopt a gender identity not in conformity with their DNA should know that Christian colleges are not going to accommodate these unsound behaviors in the first place! The legislation is inherently discriminatory—against people of faith, against institutions based on Biblical teaching and preaching.

This legislation is also the LGBT agenda’s foot in the door to force everyone to accommodate it, or be silenced. Imagine Christian colleges up and down the state shut down or forced to move out! And don’t think that this aggressive perversion won’t force its way into private high schools, elementary schools, and even homeschool programs. and The Daily Signal have commented on the disparate, desperate impact of this misguided legislation. Readers need to know that California’s Christians, conservatives, and concerned citizens (not all of us are fruits are nuts) are fighting back.


Christian universities—from Biola University to William Jessup University in Rocklin and other religious institutions, are already raising the alarm, demanding the removal of this offensive bill.

For the past two months, California MassResistance (working under the leadership and aid of Brian Camenker’s pro-confrontational activist group MassResistance) has staged protests outside of Lara’s office—twice. Members of our team in Northern California confronted the state assembly judiciary committee, which passed the legislation along a party-line vote (with one Republican abstaining out of fear of upsetting his political alliances with Equality (in name only) California.)

I join with the brave woman from Omaha, Nebraska, who blasted the school board’s arrogant push for transgender bathrooms in the public schools: “When is enough going to be enough?”

California MassResistance is bringing a full-court press against this legislative travesty.

Activists have put the pressure on lawmakers throughout the state: from Assemblyman Chris Holden (D-Pasadena) to David Hadley (R-Torrance).

City councils have gotten involved too (Biola’s home in La Mirada, along with heavily Hispanic Cudahy) to issue resolutions in opposition to this terrible bill.

More good news: two Democrats—yes, liberals elected to partisan office in California—area bucking with their party’s political machine and voting for individual liberty and civil rights. Thank you, Patty Lopez and Jimmy Gomez!


From Judiciary, this legislation has stalled before the Appropriations Committee. At the August 3rd hearing, the committee moved the bill to the suspense file, where they will rehear the bill on August 11th. The bill must pass out or die. We are fighting for the latter.

California MassResistance will engage in one more round of protests this week, including state assembly majority leader Ian Calderon (from the infamous, corrupted Montbello political machine).

If you live in California, contact me. We need every help to put the final kill on SB 1146. What happens in California wont’ stay here. For the first time, conservatives can set the trend to end the national assault on the First Amendment.

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