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Hillary Clinton: An Animal More Equal Than Others

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Washington, D.C. brings out the wild, wild worst in people. Those unruly creatures need to be corralled or contained! The only difference between the political animal and the savage creatures of the zoo? The hairy apes and beasts of the field do less damage and don’t hide their brutish nature.


Who’s the current Queen of the DC Beasts?

It’s all about the Hilda-beast, i.e. Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Her elitist tyranny knows no limits. Damn, it must feel good to be a Clinton!

Hillary Clinton, that is. Of course, Bill Clinton has done his fair share of unfair criminality, and unfairly gotten away with it.

But let’s focus on one zoological oddity for now.

For years, Hillary (with Bill) has worked the backrooms of crony deals.

The Barry Goldwater volunteer turned into an acolyte for ultra-leftist Saul Alinsky. No integrity there. A chameleon with lips?

She was deemed an unethical and unprofessional lawyer during her tenure as assisting council to the House Judiciary Committee, following their impeachment proceedings against Richard Nixon.

As a reminder, Nixon shaved off eighteen minutes from in-house recordings, and continued denying any wrongdoing until impeachment was imminent. He resigned. Secretary of State Clinton has lied all her life, from state office to federal campaigning. Her hands are completely dirty, but she gets to run for president?

As first lady, she claimed that she had avoided enemy fire in Bosnia. Nope.

She took furniture from the White House, had to return it. The liberal late-night talk-show hosts amused many with those indiscretions.


She stood by her man when he was pardoning tax dodger oil tycoon Mark Rich. How did the Clinton clan get all that oil money, anyway?

Now, about her tenure as Secretary of State …

She stood by her other man—Barack Obama—whose feckless apology tour gave way to a wildfire of Islamic subversion throughout the Arab world. Her “Don’t Do Stupid Stuff” foreign policy has exposed a wicked disregard for the balance of power in the Middle East, and enabled the barbaric rise of ISIS.

Back at home, Clinton mishandled everything else.

She was transmitting classified information on private servers. WikiLeaks recently rolled out tens of thousands of classified material connected with Clinton. Ouch!

She has routinely lied about her ability, or inability, to handle two different email servers at one time.

And yet, the Clinton crime spree persists (and let’s leave out the other legal dalliances of her partner in crime (literally and figuratively), Bubba.

Let’s consider another tremendous failure during her disastrous tenure as Secretary of State.

She did nothing while four American diplomats faced horrendous attacks from a deliberate terrorist attack on American soil in Benghazi, Libya.

The Obama administration repeatedly played the line that this was an unpremeditated attack. Or that a YouTube video incited that riots. Nope.


So much for trusting whoever answers that 3am phone call.

Still, she brazenly decried their deaths as an aberration, an accidental bureaucratic slip-up: “What difference does it make?”

Let’s not forget all that money flowing into the Clinton Foundation, and the favors flowing out of the Secretary of State’s office during her tenure.

Damn, it feels good to be a Clinton!

The FBI invested time and resources investigating Hillary Clinton’s frequent mishandling of documents.

General David Petraeus endured worse consequences for less.

So have at least ten other high-profile political creatures from the DC military-industrial complex:

1. Bill Clinton’s National Security Adviser Sandy Berger: 2005, probation fine, and loss of security clearances.

2. State Department Official Peter Van Buren, who worked for Secretary Clinton, a foreign service officer for Hillary’s State Department: fired and security clearance revoked, but for quoting emails from WikiLeaks. Perhaps a bad case of overzealous prosecution?

3. Bill Clinton’s CIA Director John Deutch. This guy had classified info on his computer—after he left the CIA. Bubba issued a pardon, because he was already declared guilty of a crime!

4. Navy engineer sentenced for mishandling classified material: Bryan Nishimura of Folsom, California. He served in Afghanistan! Sentence? Probation, fine, loss of security clearance.


5. Navy intelligence specialist Bryan Minkyu Martin smuggled classified documents then sold them for $11,500 to a Chinese national. Sentence? Thirty-four years in prison.

6. Low Level Submarine Shipmate Kristian Saucier allegedly used a cellphone camera to take photos in the classified engine room of the nuclear submarine. He was indicted on one felony count of unlawful retention of national defense information. Careful where you take selfies!

7. Marine Corps. Major Jason Brezler was dismissed from the Marine Corps for sending email to his superiors … on his private email account. WHAT?!

8. Lab Tech Jessica Lynn Quintana pleaded guilty in federal court to “knowingly removing classified information from the national security research laboratory. Just for taking them home!

9. Intelligence analyst Bradley “Chelsea” Manning was dishonorably discharged and sentenced to 35 years in prison for providing classified material to WikiLeaks.

10. NSA Manager Thomas A. Drake pled guilty to a misdemeanor after allegedly sharing classified information with a news reporter. His reason? To expose mismanagement at the NSA.

11. State Dept. Official Donald Willis Keyser earned over a year in prison for taking classified material home. He was severely reprimanded for this breach of trust.


Other low-ranking officials have earned similar punishments for mishandling national security secrets.

But not Hillary. And the FBI decides not to indict.

What do we do about such injustice? The law of the jungle is no law at all, and even the most dispirited of civilian creatures have denounced this double-standard.

Of course, such injustice is par for the left-wing course.

I leave you with a quote from George Orwell’s Animal Farm:



And how anyone disagrees? Off to the knackers!

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