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House Democrats, Sit ON It!

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Democrats love representative democracy, especially for minorities, except when they hold the minority of seats.

So, instead of respecting the rules of decorum, the House minority Democrats throw a temper tantrum. They just staged another sit-in this week. They want gun control, and they want it right now. They demand a vote from the Speaker of the House, and they don’t have a lot of power over themselves to demand the vote.


So, they decided to … sit.

With Civil Rights Movement icon John Lewis of Georgia leading the way, the illiberal, regressive Democratic minority, willing to use every tool in their arsenal, now want to agitate for rights. Not for those rights to be represented, mind you, but rather to take them away.

Republicans need to admire, then admonish what Democrats do, from the local offices to the federal legislature.

If they don’t have the numbers in elected office, they use other means to make their point, to bully and shame their majority opposition into doing what they want. How many voters, though, will find this adult-child pity-party worth responding to? My first reaction to the Democratic sit-in in the House of Representatives?

“Get off your ass, and get back to work!”

The dwindling number of out-of-touch Democrats believe that they are representing the best interests of their constituents. Check out this whopper via email from Karen Bass of Culver City:

“At this moment, I am on the House Floor protesting to demand a House vote to curb gun violence once and for all. We cannot give up on this until House Republicans are forced to represent the interests of the American people, not the gun lobby.”

Wow! Up to the moment! They must be working really hard for me!

Actually, every time a Democrat takes up their arms to push some form of gun control, they are actually fighting against the best interests of this country. Karen Bass is a slothful liberal who held the reins of power in Sacramento for two years. In those days, California lawmakers could not pass a budget without one or two votes from the Republican minority. At least then Republicans relied on the statutory checks and balances, recently removed by statewide initiative a few years ago. The tax-and-spending spree which followed has chased out Middle-Class California. The lingering homeowners, and the rising number of illegal aliens, are clashing for what’s left of this once-Golden State.


Instead of a sit-in over gun control, how about every taxpayer in the country sit on their hands, with their wallets in their pockets, and declare to the federal government: not a dollar more!

Those California Democrats are cute, though, pouting like the spoiled, unhappy kindergartners they really are. Political opportunism rears its hoary head, too, since Janice Hahn of San Pedro is leaving Congress anyway, running back to the comforts of Los Angeles to take seat on the Board of Supervisors, where her father once sat. Her shot at this gun control insanity? “The American people are sick of silence. They are demanding that Congress take action and protect their families. This nation has just witnessed the deadliest mass shooting in history and more people are dying every day. If we do not take action now, when will we?”

More Americans, especially in California, would take action—if they could acquire a firearm more readily! Jared Huffman of Ukiah had to beg for mercy from the Big Green activists because he favored Hillary well in advance. Now he slams the Republicans for refusing the Big Gun Grab. Ha! Then you have weak freshman Democrat Peter Aguilar of Redlands. He is already tied with his strong conservative, patriotic, anti-terrorist challenger Paul Chabot—and this is an election year!

California Democrats, from Sacramento to DC, are shooting back at the “gun lobby.” They are actually taking aim at the Framers of the Constitution and the entire blessed legacy of Common Law, which enshrined the right to self-protection and self-preservation. Imagine if those care workers in San Bernardino had concealed-carry permits. Those Islamic militants would have met a just and fatal end without wiping out so many innocents. What about Orlando?


Of course, Democrats are not interested in working for the American People. The bidding of the gun control lobby, the environmental activists, and the Big Labor radicals dictate what the remaining Democrats are allowed to do. Those backroom backstabbers never consider the best interests of this country.

If they tell them to run around the floor of the House and scream, they will find any time to get away with such childish antics. I still remember during the 2013 government shutdown (which was former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s fault), that Congressman George Miller of the Bay Area (who thankfully retired the next year) shamed his Republican colleagues for their “jihad.”

What was the Republicans’ holy war? To stop Obamacare, and keep the government running for the basic necessities. Not sure how such piecemeal reforms count as “terrorism,” but we will never know. Miller is gone with the wind.

What else can we conservatives learn from this abortive, insipid, and just plain silly sit-in stunt?

Democrats fight for what they believe in, even when the numbers are not lined up in their favor. Republicans see their minority status at the state or local level, and just give up. That’s wrong. Not only should they fight for what they believe in, but they should recognize that their policies and values pay off. Democrats should do a sit-in. How about far away in their homes, no longer in power!

Gun control does not work. But control of Muslim migration and relaxing the application process for a firearm will help law-abiding citizens and deter the lawless criminals.


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