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The Marginalized Media is running out of stream and bandwidth. They have been all in for Hillary since 2013. Who can forget that ghastly New York Times Magazine cover with Planet Hillary in the midst of a disordered solar system?! Carrying water for the sinking ship of Democratic politics has become the not-so-subtle pastime of creaky Beltway elites and television powerbrokers. Today, the disillusionment of the Democratic base may serve as harbinger for the Democratic Party.


Their frontrunner is Mitt Romney in a pantsuit, creases with no ease. Bernie Sanders is the authentic outsider this election year: an old, white statist in elected office longer than Hillary Clinton. The anti-establishment candidate is even more established, and until last year, registered as a marginal Independent. Democrats with any modicum of success have to depend on people who refused to identify with their party. What a way to go down.

And that nasty Nevada Democratic Party Convention last week. The Big Three tried to downplay the event. Too late! Internet media sites, whether first or second tier, jumped all over the kangaroo court of a political convention. The Bernie Sanders disarray sweeping the Silver State is now frying the Democratic National Committee. Millennial activists want to torch Debbie Wasserman-Schultz in effigy, since she has been tipping her Medusa-like head toward Hillary Clinton from Day One. Left-wing leaders from the Obama administration have descanted their own discontent, including Van Jones, who would prefer the RNC Chairman Reince Priebus over Little Debbie.

Why? Van Jones: “I wish Reince Priebus was my party chair. He did a better job of handling the Trump situation than I’ve seen my party chair handle this situation. I’m ashamed to say that.” By the way, another liberal Democratic black activist (well, actually 75% white) Shaun White has cut ties with the DNC. Why now? “Right now, the Democratic Party which I have called home my entire life, is deeply in love with money. Consequently, its leaders have supported and advanced all kinds of evil, big and small, in devotion to this love affair.”


What? Democrats selling their souls for money and power? How’d you guess, Shaun?  At least hard-core Democrats in general have to admit: Republicans play fair by and large. That’s why Democrats, even in California, are voting Republican. Yes, the Golden State is the Land of Fruits and Nuts. But red meat conservatives are restoring the political palate once again.

After a week of damage control, and the looming June 7th primary, the Los Angeles local media had to cover the growing rifts among Democrats. The Nevada Democratic Party Convention was a disaster. The bigger medial fail? A week later, and the Los Angeles NBC affiliate bothered to question the current California Democratic Party Chairman, John Burton.

Big Burton (on Haight-Ashbury, not Sesame Street) has been in and out of Bay Area/California politics for decades. He served in the state assembly, then Congress, then returned to the state legislature afterwards. California Democrats are a strange—and spoiled—breed. After serving in Washington, D.C., they get antsy about power plays, and settle for another extended stint in … the state legislature?

On NBC 4’s “News Conference with Conan Nolan,” Burton actually conceded that Donald Trump would peel away Bernie voters. Another old white San Francisco liberal is the face of the Democratic Party in California. While California Republicans like myself lamented that Ted Cruz dropped out last month (thus stifling California’s influence in the Republican presidential primary), the two Democratic contenders have shown no sign of settling their national dispute.


Clinton has fundraised three times in southern California. Bernie Sanders packed the stadium at Cal State Dominguez Hills: “Open the doors, and let the people in!”

I wanted to go, and asked for some free stuff, but I had to work that day.


Now, back to Burton: “Over 70 percent of the Sanders vote will vote for Hillary.” Another way to spin it: 30 percent of Democrats won’t vote for Hillary. Ouch!

A wide array of Republican backroom leaders worried about Trump. “He will turn off Hispanics.” “He’s racist!”

Blah. Blah. Blah. Latinos young and old (like Mexican-American Huntington Park resident Francisco Rivera) are lining up behind him. Check out this video from a young Hispanics Trump supporter, blasting the Anaheim City Council for entertaining a resolution to condemn Donald Trump.

Now we have the Democratic front-runner turning off Democrats, and in liberal loony California of all places. Of course, Burton had to engage in damage control after the Nevada Convention too. Conan reminded John: “They booed Barbara Boxer off the stage.” Burton’s only answer: “Yeah.  I know.”


Burton then commandeered the same elitist sneer which has propelled Trump over governors and U.S. senators in the GOP Primary. The San Francisco liberal labeled Bernie supporters “emotional” and “amateurs.” For a state political party chairman, he just played a rookie mistake: don’t hate on your base. Then he trotted out his own lively, immature exuberance from the 1968 Democratic National Committee convention. You know, the one where the Chicago police had to restore order, and Richard Nixon wiped out the Hubert Humphrey in the general election. Democrats are living in the past, with a prologue of division and destruction now defining them at every level of government.


The only sore spot for me—for many Republicans—is the U.S. Senate race. Democrats in Nevada booed Batty Babs last week, but the majority of California voters will face two Democrats U.S. Senate candidates in the general election. Still, with two Democrats clashing, we can expect a budget-busting battle royale from the two wings of the Democratic Party. Republicans will continue winning city council and school board seats left and right.

Nevertheless, even on the Left Coast, Democrats are going to be devouring one another in their determined power grab, all while squandering time money, resources, and liberty away from winnable races elsewhere. From ethnic divisions, to the Golden State phalanx vs. the Washington Cartel, Democrats are in disarray in California.

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