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Iowa Chooses Ted Cruz!

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There is too much to rejoice about.

For the first time, my guy finally won a contest in this presidential election.

I choose Ted Cruz, and so did the plurality of Iowa Republicans last night.


This win reveals many other wins.

Let’s put aside that I cannot tell how this primary will end, even if Cruz does not win the nomination (which rests in doubt, since this win can produce more victories in South Carolina and Nevada.

I do know that Cruz’s victory inspires hope for me, and real change.

Cruz did not just win this fight because he is socially true (conservative does not do justice to this US Senator’s convictions). He did not just win in Iowa because he said all the right things about national security. He won this race with an incredible, superior media and organized ground-game.

Ted Cruz is no flash in the pan, people. He is a torch burning bright, bringing back light to this City on a Hill, for too long longing for the bright to burn anew!

Yes, Senator Rubio, he is a calculating conservative, and that’s why he is a consistent one. You pick your fights and galvanize your base, even if you lose some battles along the way.

Finally, we have a candidate with a Tea Party heart and an Establishment head, a conservative firebrand who understands that you need to put the pedal to the metal, the iron to the forge and work your butt off!

There are so many other victories to take away from February First!

Let’s tally the takeways that we can glean from the Democratic side. Martin O’Malley took a hint: no one wants him. Even in Maryland, the Republican—Yes, Republican—successor to Madman Marty is more popular than the outgoing yet hardly outstanding former regressive. This country did not want a soft-spoken socialite who steals other people’s furniture and could not convince even one lone voter to consider him. Marty’s failure spells further doom for the regressive cause of Big Government made bigger, and all of the loser, both in our liberties and our wallets. Take your guitar and leave the party, Marty!


Iowa Democrats were split between two old, ailing socialists. That is just sad … and wonderful all at the same time. Share the schaudenfreude!

Cruz’s win signals another loss for another set of losers. The GOP Establishment took it on the chin, the teeth, and on their heads. They lost, big time.

Poor Jeb! He is ebbing fast, and taking Christie and Kasich down with him. Kasich especially offends me, and every other principled conservative. We have submitted to a self-righteous preacher-in-chief for the past seven years, who beat us around on our ears to take more from Peter and Paul and make everyone else the poorer. Kasich did it with a Republican label on his chest (although a progressive mindset and heart). So glad he tanked, and I can’t wait for him to drop out after New Hampshire.

McConnell, Cantor, and all their Beltway buddies got their rear-ends whooped. Backroom deals won’t cut the mustard of the American People, fed up with caving, cowardice, and epic surrenders on every issue that counts. With $19 trillion in debt, and a Washington cartel willing to keep doing business as usual. You know what? Cruz spoke for me that day when he called Mitch McConnell a liar right to his face. Cruz summoned and expressed the frustrations of grassroots conservatives who want leaders, not pleaders; who demand justice, not “just get by”, who want a representative who tells the Big Government (not the conservative activists): “If you touch me again, I will drop your ass!” (Congressman Steve Knight, take a hint and cruise like Cruz!)


The Chamber of Commerce got raked over the coals, too. Spare me your speeches, Trump supporters. Cruz is pro-America, pro-secure borders, and will be a pro at ensuring that legal residents live freely in the sunlight.

And speaking of the special interests. . .

Cruz campaigned openly against Big Corn in the Ethanol capital of the world. The conservative Republican governor who had turned his state around—Terry Branstad—turned his back on Cruz.

Yet Cruz won. This victory is of epic proportions. Yes, Americans, yes conservatives, yes everyone: you can stand on principle and deliver! Check out Cruz’s stellar exchange with an Iowa farmer, who told him: “You are going to lose” because you don’t support ethanol subsidies. Front-runner Ted didn’t shy away or lash out, but calmly explained that he supports investment in all forms of energy, but will not let the government pick winners and loser.

Libertarian economist/journalist John Stossel feared that Big Government would win Iowa and Big Corn would rule. He was wrong. If politicians would simply treat voters with respect and tell the truth, voters will listen, they will accept what you say.

And they will vote for you.

Thank you, President … er, Senator Cruz, for standing for the truth and conservative principles. Your victory means so much!


Now--Onto New Hampshire and South Carolina! #Cruz2016

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