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The Marginalized Media has taken some heavy hits the past two years.

Former Governor and Romney surrogate John Sununu (R-New Hampshire) has sparred with liberal news reporters, and owned them handily.


Last year, The New York Times attempted to discredit Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy as an alienated racist. His complete comments about minority Americans revealed that the New York Times was propping up a flimsy smear job against the rancher, who withstood federal forces with widespread Western militia.

Martin Bashir of MSNBC was forced to resign following his offensive remarks against Sarah Palin. Brian Williams has been pushed off NBC Nightly News (and will likely retire quietly in spite of his flagrant news frauds). George Stephanopoulos apologized for his lack of transparency while interviewing Clinton Cash author Peter Schweitzer on ABC’s This Week.

Despite my past criticism of Breitbart, the conservative news site has done a handy job of forcing the press to back up what they report or back away from heavy-hitting stories with no facts. Other sites have called out the selective bias in media, which sometimes still works its distorted magic, but Republican Presidential candidates like Ted Cruz have also called out the left-wing slant of the “objective” media.

One spectacular candidate has handily overcome media bias and baseless attacks, left and right, without blinking: Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker.

The media hit him hard during his first term as Governor, as well as the recall effort against him. A last minute Democratic smear-fest in June, 2012 attempted to shame Walker as an absentee father of a love child. Another reporter eventually debunked the hateful hoax. Then in another surprising turn, the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel endorsed Walker in 2012, submitting that any future efforts to remove elected officials by recall should focus on character or malfeasance, rather than ideological differences. That same paper has now withdrawn itself from the endorsement process to project an aura of objectivity.


During the 2012 Presidential elections, Walker took on MSNBC’s own Rachel Maddow, the same left-wing news anchor who could not process his recall victory a few months earlier. Walker schooled Maddow on who was responsible for automotive plant closures in Janesville and Kenosha, Wisconsin (President Obama). Walker’s effective responses propped up Governor Romney’s managed bankruptcy plan for General Motors, then reminded the audience about private sector successes.

Ed Schultz jumped in to tag-team the Governor. Reminder: Schultz nearly erupted into a self-pity frenzy following Walker’s recall victory, and continued whining the following day. During the 2012 Republican National Committee Convention, the Wisconsin governor calmly reminded Maddow and Co. that his recall victory exceeded his 2010 win by 200,000 votes. Then Al Sharpton tried to triple-team Walker, but he rolled them over, without breaking a sweat. Maddow admitted MSNBC’s liberal (and failed) bias at the end.

Walker’s verbal prowess against the MSNBC hordes, which officially nominated Romney, was like Reagan’s keynote speech at the 1976 Convention. The voters chose Ford, but the Gipper, all bold colors, should have gone to the general election. Hopefully, 2016 Republican primary voters will go for the strong conservative candidate instead of a light pastel candidate.


In 2011, Time Magazinepredicted his demise as “Dead Man Walker”. In 2013, having survived the recall, the governor discussed with Jonathan Karl the optimism of statewide Republicans, lightly criticizing his Washington colleagues, and describing the ideal Presidential candidate for 2016, which sounded a lot like himself. Uber-leftist Daily Kos tried to pile on with anti-Walker gossip before the 2014 election. Result? Major fail. Walker is still walking, now prepping for a presidential run. The Year 2015, and Walker faces unprecedented scrutiny.

The Washington Post slammed Walker for not having a college degree. With the poor rate of return on an overpriced college education in the face of an anemic economy, Walker should be commended, not condemned, for making it without a sheepskin. Following international junkets as well as national trips. British partisans tried to box Walker in with needle-some (and needless) questions about evolution. He punted, and to his credit, he did the right thing.

People Magazine aggregated left-wing reports about Walker’s credit card debt:

According to state financial disclosure documents, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker reportedly owed between $10,000 and $100,000 to credit card companies in 2014.

Between ten grand and a hundred thousand? Those accurate figures nail things down pretty well, don’t they?


A spokesman filled in the gaps:

"Over the years, the governor has given $370,000 of his salary back to taxpayers. He has two kids in college, parents who live with him, a mortgage, car payments, and small credit card use. All in all, pretty ordinary stuff."

Final verdict? The Daily Beast’s headline sounded surprisingly pro-Walker: “Scott Walker is Just Like You! In Debt”.

While campaigning in New Hampshire, he told Granite State prospective voters that he bought the sweater he was wearing for one dollar. Politifact (the same biased “objective” news source) tripped over itself to verify whether this story was true. Yes, they wanted to stomp on Walker’s presidential prospects by debunking a story about a sweater. Politifact conceded that his remark was true, and Business Insider rubbed this hot revelation in Big Media’s face.

Not just left-wing sites, but even right-wing and conservative bloggers have gone after Scott Walker.

On immigration, the Governor has established a clear and ready platform: pro-worker, pro-border security.

However, The Wall Street Journal suggested that Walker endorsed a pathway to citizenship at a private donor dinner. Three anonymous sources supposedly exposed Walker’s flip-flop, and then Breitbart reported it. The expose, however, came three weeks later. What’s going on? Eventually, the whole story fell apart.


In another trumped-up attack, The New York Timespublished Walker walking away from his strong border stance again. It never happened. And speaking of Trump, the media celebrity (and Presidential contender) hit Walker, claimed that he has “a lot of problems”. Yet The Donald donated to Walker in 2014. As Walker weathers political gossip and media fails, voters may tell Walker in 2016: “You’re Hired!”

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