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The Democrats live in an alternate reality. This world’s reality is beginning to impose on and undue their fantasies.

Democratic policies and behavior are based on ideals often divorced from the reality of the world in which we live. Below are some examples that play out in the US today.


*Men can be women. Though genetics and biology say otherwise, Democrats are so certain that the truth is with them that they violently attack women who claim that only women can be women. They threaten anyone who calls a guy claiming to be a woman a guy and they are pushing young children to tamper with their bodies to fulfill their biologically-challenged fantasies. What happens to those damaged children five, 10 or 20 years from now—nobody knows, and those pushing the policies really do not care.

Sun and wind can do it. “Green energy” accounts for 14 percent of US energy production. Fossil fuels provide a large majority of the rest. The Davos crowd and the Democrats are pushing destructive policies that harm useful forms of energy such as oil, nuclear, and natural gas, and push unreliable sources of power such as sun and wind. I remember an engineer for Brightsource, whose big solar field one sees from I-15 on the border between Nevada and California, telling me that all of Germany is so far north that the solar energy density available for solar panels is nearly useless. The most clueless man in government, John Kerry, recently said that alternatives would be doing much better if oil and gas were much more expensive. People need inexpensive energy for transportation, electricity, heating and cooling and businesses need it to be competitive. But the Democrats do not care; they will push policies that save the world and destroy America.

What crime? Such was the comment of Rep. Jerry Nadler, who claimed that there was no great crime streak going on in the Big Apple. All of the police and FBI statistics say otherwise, and a layman looking at the news seems to hear almost every day about people being shot or stabbed on the streets or in the subways of New York, and of course, there are those who keep score as to the weekend carnage in Chicago—how many shot and how many killed. But the Democrats see no crime. Portland is losing its stores to crime but there is no crime going on. People are simply exercising their rights to reparations and/or economic self-expression. In California, one can steal up to $900 per store per visit and there will be no arrest made and certainly no prosecution.


The US is the only world superpower. One sees China deftly filling in for the US on the world stage—making peace between Iran and Saudi Arabia, pushing economic hegemony on African countries and working to finish off the war between Ukraine and Russia. Do the Democrats think that failures, such as our blood-soaked exit from Afghanistan and the shrinking US navy (to fight climate change!), do not give the world notice that the US is folding its tent and going home? No, the Democrats believe that the US is feared and is the one calling the shots around the world. Iran, Russia and China would beg to differ.

Joe Biden is running the show. Virtually every time Joe Biden opens his mouth, he makes a fool of himself and the country he ostensibly leads. He is clueless as to where to go on a stage, he shakes hands with nonexistent people, and he refuses to answer virtually all questions put to him, even by friendly reporters. The Democrats are about to send him out for Round 2 of the presidency and he does not even have a clue as to the names of some of his cabinet members.

In all of the above examples, one sees that failed left-leaning policies can only be supported if a background of fantasy and misdirection are put in place. If one looks objectively at the subjects above, the reality is generally opposite that which is being sold by the Democrats, their stenographers in the press and their enforcers in the social media companies. Want to share a link about Junior Biden’s murky business dealings—including a cut for the “Big Guy”—your Twitter account is frozen; ditto for your Facebook account. Reporters will award “woman of the year” awards to a guy wearing a skirt and claiming to be a general as well as to a guy beating young women in the pool, and if you do not agree with them, you are a bad person, a racist and misogynist no doubt. Crime is up in NY and all big cities, emboldened by weakened police forces and DAs who will not prosecute criminals.


The folks at the White House want to have those who paid off their student loans or did not go to college pay for the student loans of their voter base. They want people with good credit scores and mortgages to help pay the mortgages of those with bad credit scores. They want to force carbon dioxide entrapment on the most important and productive electricity-generating power plants that produce 60 percent of US electricity; those plants will either be fined, will close or will produce wildly expensive electricity. But that will make alternative fuels more attractive for the wealthy who will still be able to live a lifestyle that just a few years ago was available to most Americans—steaks, relatively cheap gas, air travel, and inexpensive electricity.

The Democratic fantasies, from biology to energy production to world affairs, will pop, as all fantasies do. Hopefully, the transition back to this reality will be orderly, with responsible politicians taking over at every level of government to get America back on the right footing. Criminals will be thrown in jail, cheap energy will be produced by all means, those who work and pay their bills will be rewarded. One hopes that we return to this reality soon and peacefully. The alternative is written in the pages of history with uprisings and revolutions when the rulers and their policies move too far away from the world in which their subjects, servants or fellow citizens actually live. Leave the fantasies for Hollywood (another disconnected failure in our age); leave politics to those who wish to make Americans’ lives better.


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