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One of the great American political cliches is that the approaching election is the most important in a generation. This time, it may well be true.

Israel just finished its elections after 40 different political parties registered to run for the Knesset. Ten actually passed the electoral threshold and entered the 120-person assembly. Israeli elections are really easy. One shows up with an identity card, driver’s license or passport, goes into a booth with different cards representing each of the different parties. One chooses one and only one such card, puts it into an envelope and puts the envelope into a big box near the election officials. That’s it. Nobody gets in without proper picture ID, and one chooses a party and not individual politicians, comptrollers, justices of the peace or judges. In the US, where there are only two major political parties, fringe groups have to associate with one of them in order to have a word in US politics. Israel, however, has separate parties for Ashkenazic religious Jews, Sephardic religious Jews, and more Zionistic religious Jews.


In the US, everyone has to find his or her place in one of the two dominant parties. And for the Democrats, the left-leaning “progressives”, who were once a small part of a more workers-focused party, have taken over on policy and action, and the implications are horrific for the future of the United States. Whereas in the past, differences between Democrats and Republicans might have been over higher versus lower taxes, getting out of a war or staying in or whether to require welfare recipients to work, the differences today between the parties could not be more stark on the following issues:

Border: Republicans for controlled immigration and a walled southern border; Democrats for a fully open border and unlimited immigration from the south. Millions have come into the US illegally since January 2021 and the Federal government is working against border states to keep the border fully open.

Crime: Republicans for strong policing and putting the bad guys behind bars so that the rest of society can go about its business safely; the Democrats are in favor of the bad guys staying out of or getting out of jail and do everything to keep them on the streets to commit more crime. Crime rates are sky-high and in many places, people do not feel safe.

Energy: Republicans for a robust “all of the above” approach with a focus on increased hydrocarbon production; the Democrats have thrown their lot with unreliable and expensive alternative forms of energy generation. There is a chance that the US will run out of diesel fuel at the end of this month and heating oil may be sky-high this winter. The US petroleum reserve is being emptied to make gas prices go down before the election.


Children: Republicans wish for children to have normal childhoods as we remember; Democrats both sexualize children at young ages and encourage gender transition. We thus have drag shows at school for young children and perfectly healthy children being surgically and chemically deformed in large numbers for no real reason.

Religion: Republicans support the freedom of religious expression; the Democrats openly support policies that fly in the face of religious belief. Religious people have been attacked for their views on subjects such as gay marriage, abortion, Covid vaccines, the trans movement and more.

Economy: Republicans are in favor of small businesses and free market competition; the Democrats are in favor of government control and handouts. The results have been anemic economic growth, a lack of workers and continuing supply chain issues.

The list could go on and on—think about guns or free expression online. The two potential trajectories of this country are showcased by the Trump and Biden years. Under Trump, the economy grew, the military was strong, allies knew that the US was on their side, adversaries thought long and hard before provoking the US. Under Biden, the exact opposite is true with the US again being dependent on foreign oil, high inflation, weak economic growth, a military trained to fight pronouns and not enemies and a foreign policy that frightens no one and leaves allies wondering if they can count on the US in a time of need.


While the occupant of the White House will not change on November 8th, election of Republican members of Congress, governors and other officials may allow the stemming of the destruction wrought by the left and its incapacitated president. It may also allow for investigation and a reckoning for the Biden family as well as Democrats and their supporters in the permanent bureaucracy. Maybe in 2024, the horrific policies such as those limiting energy production in the US and keeping the southern border open will finally be reversed. So please vote like you mean it. Vote and get two other people who did not plan to vote to cast their ballots. If America’s future is important to you and to your family, vote for those who wish to make America better than it is today.

Republicans beware: winning is great, but you had better deliver the goods. The electorate has little patience with dithering or playing footsie with those who wish to destroy the fabric of religion, family and country. Celebrate briefly and get to work to fix this great country. The British are ready to throw out the Tories for their failure to follow through on their promised conservative agenda. What you ran on, do it. People may not vote for Democrats next time around, but they sure can choose to stay home in 2024 if you do not act on your promises.

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