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Keep Tax Cuts And Deregulation On Track In Kansas

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Some might say that the D.C. swamp is perfect for the likes of Paul Davis — a man of questionable values who has spent years promoting ludicrous policies in Kansas. But if you’re a voter who cares about the growing prosperity in our state, then Davis doesn’t fit the bill. 


If Davis’ experience with adult entertainment clubs is any indication at all of what he would do in Washington, it raises serious questions about his ethics. After all, Kansans don’t merely expect strong moral fiber from their elected officials — they demand it.

In the late 1990s, authorities conducted a drug raid of a local adult entertainment club in Kansas. Inside, the officers found Davis “in a somewhat compromising position, in a back room of the club.”

But Davis doesn’t just patronize places like this — he votes for them, too.

While serving in the Kansas House of Representatives, Paul Davis voted againstthe Community Defense Act — a 2011 bill that placed several restrictions on gentlemen’s clubs, including a provision to prevent them from opening within 1,000 feet of schools, daycare centers, libraries, and other public spaces.

When Davis isn’t busy promoting gentlemen’s clubs, he’s preoccupied with advancing the Democrats’ liberal agenda — something that certainly won’t change if he gets elected to Congress.

As a state legislator, Paul Davis voted with Kansas Democrats over 90 percent of the time and supported one of the largest tax hikes in the state’s history. That’s not the sort of record that appeals to people in Kansas.


After pursuing reckless policies in the state legislature, Davis is now desperately attempting to portray himself as a moderate, hoping to win over undecided voters in his district.

With such an overwhelmingly left-leaning record, voters have every right to be deeply skeptical of Davis when he says that he will oppose Democrat Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi if he gets into Congress. 

Luckily for Kansas, there’s another candidate in the race who was fighting for our country overseas while Paul Davis was occupied with adult entertainment clubs.

The GOP nominee in the 2nd Congressional District, Steve Watkins, is an Army veteran who spent 10 years serving in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Central Asia.

Unlike his opponent, Watkins can also be trusted to fight for hard working Kansas families by supporting President Trump’s economic plan that includes middle class tax cuts and the elimination of burdensome regulations that overwhelm Kansas small businesses.

“I know what needs to be done to ensure our workforce has the skills necessary to meet the jobs of tomorrow,” Watkins pledges on his website. “I am going to fight each and every day to support pro-job policies in Washington that will help small businesses grow, create more jobs, and expand our economy in Kansas.”


There is a staggering contrast between the two men who are seeking to represent Kansas’ 2nd District in Washington.

Kansans can’t trust Paul Davis in the murky waters of the Washington, D.C. swamp. He’s a tried and true liberal, and a less than ethical politician.

Kansas needs people like Steve Watkins, instead, to stand tall in Congress against those who would seek to rescind our tax cuts on middle class families and reimpose regulations on small businesses.

Kansas families know better and expect better than to take a step back on our progress now.

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