Katie Pavlich

Day two of oral arguments at the Supreme Court have just finished. MSNBC has just reported the Justices were very skeptical when it came to the constitutionality of ObamaCare. The report also said that although the question of “If the government can mandate the purchase of health insurance, can’t it do anything?” is “extremely complicated,” the Justices were not convinced of the argument given by representation in the courtroom arguing the individual mandate isn’t an overreach of federal government power.

More from Judge Andrew Napolitano on Fox News:

"It appears that Justice Kennedy asked some of the most profound and stinking questions of the government."

"Exceedingly sharp questioning."

"I do believe the court will invalidate the individual mandate by a 5-4 vote," adding Justice Kennedy will vote to strike the mandate.


"Trainwreck for the Obama Administration"


Townhall’s Kate Hicks, who was in the courtroom for oral arguments today, will have a report shortly. Stay tuned.

Katie Pavlich

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