Katie Pavlich

Yesterday, the White House announced President Obama would lay out a brand new jobs plan in.... September. Presidential candidate Michele Bachmann points out, it's the middle of August, why wait until September? Well, Obama needs to take his nine day Martha's Vineyard vacation first of course.

“It’s the middle of August and today the President announced he’ll give a speech ‘sometime’ in September on jobs. I have a jobs strategy for the President: Plan your own exit into a new job in the private sector in January 2013. Mr. President, it’s time to stop speaking and time to start listening to the American people.

“Mr. President, America is ready for a plan to solve our economic problems and create jobs, not another speech. Every time the President thinks the economy is dragging down his chances for re-election he gives another speech. The President has already given two speeches on jobs, but the Congressional Budget Office can’t score a speech. The President’s only plan is for more government spending, more government bureaucracy and higher taxes. It’s time that the President admit that government can’t create jobs. It’s time he enact pro-growth policies that will turn our economy around and put Americans back to work. I have a plan to grow our economy through lower taxes on job creators, decreased government spending, and getting rid of job killing regulations.”

Katie Pavlich

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