Chris Field
From our January cover story "The 50 Most Dangerous Liberals in America":


Founder of the National Action Network

Race Baiter in Chief Al Sharpton has made a living -- a nice living -- pitting Americans against each other. Never satisfied to see his fellow citizens living together in harmony, "Reverend Al" is in a constant state of agitation trying to infuriate minorities over a perceived slight by the evil white man, get anyone right-of-center kicked of the airwaves or promote one of a slew of radical leftist causes -- most of which are actually harmful to the black family.

Knowing he risks irrelevancy and losing the perks of being in a position of influence should racial tensions vanish, Sharpton is far more concerned with seeing blacks in perpetual misery and the United States always on a racial edge than to see us live out Martin Luther King Jr.'s inspired vision for America.

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Chris Field

Chris Field is the former Executive Editor of Townhall Magazine.