Tony Katz

The anti-war protests of the 60's, which gave birth to the hippie movement, taught future generations of protesters the concept of the enemy as "The Man." The Man, in general, is the person, group of people or entity with power - economic, political, or both. The protesters are the people, angry with the power entity for corrupt, dangerous, or disingenuous or otherwise disagreeable behavior.

So, when Occupy Wall Street - and their blind allegiance minions - took to the streets in New York, they merely filled in the blanks in the protest template. Like a game of Mad Libs, the veracity of their statements was irrelevant. They (the people) were opposed to the crooked dealings between Wall Street (banking industry) and Government (see Republicans, because when the OWS crowd realizes that Obama is just a shill for Wall Street they will crap their pants, not police cars!)

They are protesting the bailouts, the way Wall Street puts profits ahead of people (a still unprovable thesis) and how they manipulate money to keep rich people rich and poor people poor (a still unprovable thesis.)

Protesting bank bailouts is fine. It is also smart. Most Americans view bailouts in general unfavorably. Why is it that government is in the game of picking winners and losers? So-called "winners" aren't always - or ever - the most solvent, smartest, best-for-the-people investments; just look at Solyndra! The free market should be the only factor to determine whether a business succeeds or fails - not government. Government involvement in these decisions is just wrong. This is the Tea Party thesis, and has been advocated by the millions of Tea Party members across the nation for over two years.

Tony Katz

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