Thomas Sowell

Random thoughts on the passing scene:

Even though Saddam Hussein's regime has been toppled, there are still pockets of resistance -- not only in Iraq but in Paris, Berkeley, and in the editorial offices of the New York Times. These die-hards may hold out for years.

The many richly deserved tributes to the late Daniel Patrick Moynihan focussed on his rise from a poor shoe-shine boy to the highest pinnacles of government. What also needs to be said is that America is a very fortunate country to be able to tap the brainpower, talents, and insights of people in all walks of life, instead of limiting itself to what is thought and believed by some narrow elite, whether of money, blood, or ideology.

Sometimes life seems like Italian opera music -- beautiful but heart-breaking.

It is amazing what complicated lies some people will believe, even when the truth is simple and obvious. Indeed, the truth is often rejected as "simplistic" by those who are dedicated to some complicated lie.

While it was heartening to see Iraqis waving American flags in Baghdad and in Dearborn, Michigan, I have still never seen an American flag on a single home in all my visits to Berkeley.

France has never gotten over the fact that it was once a great power and is now just a great nuisance.

The political left often acts as if it has discovered and exposed the evils of our times and our society, when what they have really done is twisted and distorted the evils of the ages and of the whole human race to make them seem like something peculiar to our times and our society -- even when these evils have been far worse elsewhere.

What impressed me most about the American bombardment of Baghdad were not the many huge explosions but the residential neighborhoods that remained unscathed while Iraqi government facilities were devastated.

All of us are ignorant, if not misinformed, on vast numbers of things. What makes experts different is that they dare not admit it. That is also what makes experts dangerous.

Anyone who cannot understand why the United States could not have

waited before going into Iraq should read "The Gathering Storm" by Winston Churchill. It is not about Iraq. It is about what happens when you allow a ruthless dictator to keep violating the treaties that were meant to keep his growing power in check.

While it is true that you learn with age, the down side is that what you learn is often what a damn fool you were before.

I never thought I would get hooked on the Travel Channel. But after 48 hours of not seeing Samantha Brown, I could feel myself going into withdrawal.

Thomas Sowell

Thomas Sowell is a senior fellow at the Hoover Institute and author of The Housing Boom and Bust.

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