Steve Deace

1. The GOP has a deep bench.

Proving yet again that its first principles and ideas that drive people to become Republicans, almost in spite of itself the GOP has an emerging generation of leaders that seem dramatically superior to the current one. It seems not even the “surrender now before it’s too late” Republican Party establishment have been able to stifle the development of a cache of rising stars that really make the Bushes, McCains, and Boehners of the world seem like the mammary glands on a bull they’re about as useful as. Speaking of which…

2. Paul Ryan worries the Left more than Mitt Romney does.

The Leftists literally had a cow over Ryan’s dynamite speech, which on a scale of 1-to-10 I would rate a 12.5. However, they were surprisingly muted about Romney’s convention effort one night later. Again, this is the power of ideas. Even though Ryan has voted for too much big government in the U.S. Congress, his budget plan is a substantive threat to the welfare state because it at least starts a long-overdue conversation about the country’s insolvency. Even Ryan dipping a toe in the waters of fiscal sanity is enough to give the statists hissy fits. Romney doesn’t provoke that sort of reaction from them, because they don’t believe he’s really a threat to their long term plans even if he wins.

3. Romney’s Bush-era buddies are worried about a primary in 2016.

The brouhaha at the start of the convention over the Romulans’ Draconian rules changes wasn’t about the militant faction of the Ron Paul contingent. That was a mere ruse used by the Republican Party establishment to justify their attempted power grab. The real motivation was heading off at the pass the recent tidal wave of Tea Party candidates primarying big government incumbent Republicans from reaching a potential Romney White House in 2016. In the 2010 and 2012 primary cycles, almost 90 incumbent Republicans across the country have lost their jobs. Several in Romney’s inner circle are old Bush family loyalists, including John Sununu who chaired the rules committee at the convention. They remember what happened when George H.W. Bush earned the scorn of conservatives by violating his “no new taxes” pledge, which resulted in a damaging primary campaign by Pat Buchanan in 1992. This power grab was an attempt to insulate Romney from similar Tea Party scrutiny in 2016 if he were to govern left-of-center in the White House, similar to how he governed in Massachusetts.

4. Chris Christie is the establishment’s man in 2016 if Romney loses.

Steve Deace

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