Steve Deace

There is a window of opportunity to avert another four years of the Obama Regime, as well as a devastating down ballot disaster that would threaten many of the substantial gains conservatives just made in 2010.

But it’s up to Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum to team up and take advantage of it.

If the two campaigns can’t set individual agendas for the good of the country in the next few days/weeks, we may look back on this time period as the moment when the last, best hope to return America to its republican roots was lost once and for all.

I am a Gingrich supporter, but I do not foresee a path to him winning the nomination either via the delegate math or a potential brokered convention—which if it happens is far more likely to produce a Jeb Bush or a Sarah Palin as the nominee then any of the current candidates. Each of those individuals know this, which is why I believe Jeb never endorsed Romney in the Florida primary, and why Palin herself has never formally endorsed Newt.

At the time I made my endorsement, Santorum was my second choice. I believe Santorum would’ve won Michigan and Ohio without Gingrich on the ballot, but I also believe he would’ve won those states if he had the ability to defend his belief system under scrutiny that Gingrich has. Santorum allowed his detractors to get him off message, which turned his moral convictions into a weakness when they should be a strength. Nevertheless, I do not believe it is possible for Santorum to defeat the Republicrat establishment with Gingrich a viable candidate.

That’s especially the case when you realize many of the conservative southern states a Santorum or Gingrich should win are proportionally allocating delegates, so even if they win all those conservative southern states they’re likely to at least share some delegates with the Republicrat establishment.

I still believe Newt is the only chance we have among the current candidates running to truly play offense in the arena of ideas the next four years. And I still believe Newt best understands historically what the nation faces, what to do about it, and has the God-given ability and skill-set to communicate it effectively via the bully pulpit (where we have lost so much ground as conservatives the past two decades).

However, the danger of allowing the Republicrat establishment to blow another election cycle, and what that means down ballot and for the future of the country, out-weighs all other concerns in my opinion.

Steve Deace

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