Steve Deace

South Carolina: Just Say No to Obamney

The Palmetto State is known as a bastion for American conservatism. If that reputation is well-deserved, then South Carolinians will do their civic duty and reject Mitt Romney – the candidate that repudiates everything conservatism is supposed to stand for – in their crucial primary on January 21st.

Since the dawn of the contemporary primary process, no Republican presidential candidate has won the nomination without winning the South Carolina primary. Given the changes to this year’s process like the emergence of SuperPacs, delegates being proportionally allocated as opposed to winner-take-all, and the more drawn out primary calendar, that trend may or may not continue. Despite all the media hype over his second place finish in Iowa (if the Appanoose County chairman is to be believed) and his win in New Hampshire, Romney has less than 2% of the delegates it takes to actually clinch the nomination.

Nevertheless, there’s no doubt the vital importance South Carolina will provide from a momentum standpoint, and there’s no doubt that momentum fuels perception of where the race stands for the states (like Florida) still to come.

This is why if you’re one of the 75% of Republican primary voters who want anyone other than Obamney…err…make that Romney as your nominee, then South Carolina is the place to take a stand against media-anointed frontrunners. The same media that chose John McCain as our nominee four years ago only to hammer him in the general, are doing the same thing all over again this time with Obamney Romney.

There are three primary reasons South Carolina primary voters should reject the media and Republicrat establishment’s attempt to shove Obamney Romney down our throats.

1)Obamney Romney accepts the Left’s premise on most key issues.

His economic plan doesn’t call for an overhaul or reform of a corrupt tax-and-spend system, but rather the hackneyed class warfare middle-class “targeted” tax cuts the Left usually argues for. This is why the Wall Street Journal referred to Obamney’s Romney’s economic plan as “timid.” He raised taxes and fees by $700 million as governor of Massachusetts, which empowers the tax-takers as not the taxpayers.

Crony capitalism and targeted tax cuts as opposed to real, pro-growth reform. Does that sound more like a conservative, or more like a Democrat?

Steve Deace

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