Robert Knight

Maryland’s proposed Civil Marriage Protection Act, which would legalize same-sex “marriage,” is not about tolerance.

It’s about using the law to force people to recognize a counterfeit as the real thing. In fact, it should more accurately be called the Attack on Religious Freedom Enabling Act.

That’s because this is about more than the feelings of any two people. When you declare a couple “married,” with the force of the law behind it, you bring everyone into it.

A brideless or groomless couple is not merely an addition to the marriage definition; it violates the very essence of marriage by excluding one or the other complementary sex. 

We hear a lot of people falsely comparing this to the fight for racial equality. But one’s skin color or ethnicity have no intrinsic moral content, so discriminating upon that basis was wrong then and it’s wrong now. But sexual behavior always has moral and social implications because it is volitional.  Just because we have temptations to do something, that does not make it right. 

Marriage is honored and protected in secular law only because it is indispensable to civilization. It gives us the best chance to continue the human race by producing well-adjusted children who can take up the responsibilities of the next generation.

Marriage over the millennia on all continents has meant the uniting of male and female. Customs have varied, but sex is universally channeled into marriage to protect children and families – the lifeblood of communities. Where marriage is weak, devalued or redefined, communities fail.

Whatever the expressed good intentions behind the same-sex “marriage” legislation, creating a counterfeit and then forcing it down people's throats is straight out of George Orwell's Newspeak in 1984. Compassionate motives cannot mask the inevitable bad outcomes of a bad law.

To enforce this direct assault on common sense and God's main building block of civilization requires all sorts of tyranny:

  • Institutions are denied funds.
  • People are denied jobs.
  • Firings occur.
  • Academics face star chambers (that is, more star chambers).
  • Governments at all levels turn against pastors, churchgoers, observant Jews, Muslims and others who value truth above political correctness.
  • Dissent is crushed, often by omission or outright censorship.

Robert Knight

Robert Knight is an author, senior fellow for the American Civil Rights Union and a frequent contributor to Townhall.