Robert Knight

Over the past 90 years, a relentless campaign has unfolded to overthrow Judeo-Christian morality and replace it with an amorality that says desires in and of themselves validate choices.

This campaign has been advanced largely by hijacking the rubric and moral capital of the black civil rights movement and misapplying it to volitional behavior. The changes, which move us closer to barbarism, are enforced via a media that pounces on even the slightest hesitation to embrace the new immorality.

In earlier days, people who opposed the pornification of culture were denounced as “prudes” until they finally gave up or were seduced by the dark side. People who opposed abortion were falsely accused of wanting to harm women. And people who opposed unilateral divorce were smeared as lacking compassion for those in unhappy unions.

The current target of this unholy campaign is the perversion of marriage. For the first time, a Republican-controlled state Senate chamber provided the margin of victory for a state law redefining marriage away from the man-woman requirement. Soon, there will be no bride needed, or no groom, for a New York marriage license. Meanwhile, liberal judges all over the country are ruling that preference for traditional morality is animated solely by “hate.”

This radical advance is occurring partly because of the ongoing media propaganda that suppresses any serious discussion of the consequences of sexual dysfunction. But it’s also occurring because of the economic drama unfolding in Washington. The Left does not waste crises that it purposefully creates.

Some major Republican figures have floated the idea of a “truce” on social issues while expanding the “big tent” to include the sin lobby. According to Webster’s, a truce is: “a suspension of hostilities, as between armies, for a specified period, by agreement.”

If only one side declares a truce while the other side keeps fighting, it’s not really a truce, is it? It’s a surrender.

The Left is not about to call a truce in the culture war. Sensing disarray, the Obama Administration has stepped up its attacks on the moral order even while it runs our economy off a cliff.

Part of the problem is that Tea Party and Republican leaders, in correctly diagnosing that Americans are terrified over the economic crisis, are concentrating on fiscal issues. Fair enough. That’s what’s on everyone’s mind. But it is not enough, and it’s short-sighted.

Robert Knight

Robert Knight is an author, senior fellow for the American Civil Rights Union and a frequent contributor to Townhall.