Robert Knight

Posted November 24, 2015

If, as Franklin Roosevelt said, the only thing we have to fear is fear itself, we might have to redefine fear.

Posted November 19, 2015

Bernie Sanders has joined the campaign to shame U.S. colleges that has taken off in the wake of events at the University of Missouri, where top administrators resigned last week over allegations that they didnt do enough about racist incidents.

Posted November 10, 2015

Media bias is less about slanted stories than about whats covered or not.

Posted November 05, 2015

Dissolute periods usually last about 50 years, he said, and Americas latest slide toward decadence began roughly in 1970. That means we may be on the cusp of a revival of marriage and family in about five years.

Posted October 27, 2015

If youre wondering how America and Western Europe went from marriage-centered societies to post-Christian sexual anarchy abetted by massive government growth enforced by brutal political correctness in just a few decades, lets just say it was no accident.

Posted October 20, 2015

Not a day goes by when the social engineers of the Left are not remaking America in their own image.

Posted October 13, 2015

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is ramping up its campaign to use the courts to force all Catholic hospitals to provide abortions and sterilizations.

Posted October 06, 2015

In Billy Joels iconic song, the refrain begins, It comes down to reality, and it's fine with me cause I've let it slide.

Posted September 29, 2015

The White House has doubled down on its efforts to use massive immigration for political advantage.

Posted September 21, 2015

If you think that the politicians who now run our government are bad, how about a system with leaders chosen by people too lazy even to register to vote?

Posted September 16, 2015

According to the experts, much of the Millennial generation is besotted with the candidacy of Bernie Sanders. Note: Millennials are the largest voting bloc by age.

Posted September 08, 2015

Something is very out of whack in America.

Posted September 01, 2015

Tie her tubes, or well sue you for sex discrimination, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) told a Catholic-affiliated hospital in California.

Posted August 25, 2015

There really are two Americas.

Posted August 18, 2015

Although people in the nations smallest state can obtain photo voter IDs with ease, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) says that requiring an ID in order to vote is a hardship.

Posted August 11, 2015

Do you recall the smoke spewing in front of the fake giant head of the Wizard of Oz? The whole thing looked intimidating until Toto pulled back the nearby curtain.

Posted July 21, 2015

President Obama made the first visit by a sitting president to a penitentiary when he dropped in to the El Reno (Oklahoma) Federal Correctional Institution last Thursday and offered an ambitious reform agenda.

Posted July 15, 2015

In the old Soviet Union, surviving churches were allowed to operate as long as congregants did not do charitable work or anything else beyond the closed doors. Absent a major correction, we are closing in on the Soviet reality.

Posted July 07, 2015

Even before the U.S. Supreme Court announced the previously unknown constitutional right to impose same-sex marriage on all 50 states, the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) was readying its next volley.

Posted June 23, 2015

Start spreading the news Im voting today. If the Democratic Party and its constituent groups have their way, the Big Apples non-citizen immigrants will be singing that variation on the Sinatra anthem New York, New York at the polls next year.