Rich Galen

I’ve been trying to ignore the whole Phil Robertson – Duck Dynasty thing.

But, I can’t.

I am a huge fan of Duck Dynasty. I found it by accident last year when, one Friday night, I woke up at about 3 AM and, flipping around the channels came across it. I watched the entire overnight marathon until about 6:30.

Then, I watched the end of that season and all of the next season on Comcast’s On-Demand service until about four in the afternoon after which I Tweeted something like:

“I am now completely caught up on Duck Dynasty – a show I did not know existed until 3 AM this morning.”

Phil Robertson is the patriarch of the family and the founder of “Duck Commander” a hugely successful manufacturer of … duck calls.

Some estimates this week have valued the entire enterprise – duck calls, tee shirts, DVDs, bobble-head dolls, TV show, and personal appearances at about $400 million.

Phil Robertson comes across as the most back-woodsy of all the family. There have been episodes where he has caught, skinned, and had his wife cook squirrels in front of the grand children in an effort to prevent them from becoming “yuppies.”

Phil Robertson has not one, but two degrees from Louisiana Tech University where he was the starting quarterback ahead of Terry Bradshaw for two years. Bradshaw went on to be the first overall pick in the NFL 1970 NFL draft. Phil’s first degree is a bachelor’s in physical education. His second is a master’s degree in education.

I bring those degrees to your attention to show that he was far from a Will Stockdale character – no matter how much he has loved hunting.

I won’t repeat, here, what Phil Robertson said about homosexuality during an interview for GQ magazine. Suffice it to say it was way beyond graphic and vile. It was also wrong and unnecessary.

The amount of conversation his interview has generated is evidence that Americans have become ready to climb to the barricades over anything that contradicts our personal beliefs.

Cable news has been choosing up sides all week over what a bearded buy from West Monroe, Louisiana said about gays.

Should Duck Dynasty be cancelled by A&E? No. If you don’t want to watch it because of what Phil Robertson said, then don’t. If you agree with him or, as in my case, you are not looking to Phil Robertson for guidance on great social issues, then watch the show.

Should Phil Robertson apologize for what he said? No. Well, not to anyone outside his family. He should apologize for being dumb enough to put the entire $400 million dynasty at risk.

Rich Galen

Rich Galen has been a press secretary to Dan Quayle and Newt Gingrich. Rich Galen currently works as a journalist and writes at