Phyllis Schlafly

President Barack Obama, with the help of some Republicans who take their orders from the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, is trying to pass a bill that will kill U.S. jobs, send more jobs overseas and make more Americans dependent on government handouts. That's the Frances Fox Piven strategy Obama learned at a Socialist Party conference in New York while he was attending Columbia University.

This dangerous bill is the 1,413-page Korean-U.S. Free Trade Agreement (KORUS FTA), which is scheduled to come up soon in Congress. It's hard to see how anyone who cares about America's economic future could allow this job killer to become law, and any member of Congress who votes for it doesn't deserve to be re-elected next year.

We are told KORUS will create more exports, but the principal exports will be American jobs. The Economic Policy Institute estimates that KORUS will cost us 159,000 jobs. The U.S. International Trade Commission also admits that KORUS will cause significant job losses. Those job losses will extend from low-end industries to electronic equipment manufacturing, where the victims will be Americans who were making an average wage of $30 an hour in 2008.

Some Members of Congress are trying to camouflage what they are doing by joining KORUS at the hip with a government job-training program. That's an admission that KORUS will cost us jobs.

Obama claims that KORUS will create 70,000 low-paying in-sourced jobs (of Americans working for foreign employers). But even if that is true, which is doubtful, that's less than half the well-paying jobs the U.S. will lose.

KORUS advocates a claim it will allow the U.S. to export 75,000 cars a year to South Korea. Compare that puny figure with the fact that Americans are buying over a million South Korean cars this year.

Among the many ways that South Korea puts up barriers against U.S. products is to subject any Korean brave enough to buy an American car to a discriminatory tax audit.

KORUS allows Korean products imported into the U.S. to have 65 percent non-South-Korean content. Nobody will know how much of that 65 percent will be made by slave labor in North Korea or China.

KORUS will give Korean corporations the right to challenge any U.S. law they think might limit their market access or profitability, including our prevailing wage laws. These trade agreements generally give foreigners the right to define free trade, which they do in ways that always disadvantage the U.S.

Phyllis Schlafly

Phyllis Schlafly is a national leader of the pro-family movement, a nationally syndicated columnist and author of Feminist Fantasies.
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