Phil Harris

Okay now… take a deep breath, retract the sharp utensils and let the crimson veil subside. I have a few things to say and it would be best to let me live long enough to make my point.

When I heard of Senator McCain’s pick for Vice President, it took me about six minutes to find out that Governor Sarah Palin has a general philosophy about government that coincides with my own, and that she owns a tough leadership style that leads to accomplishment. My initial reaction was a sense of approval.

Yes, I did know during the entire six minutes that Gov. Palin is a woman, but that did not factor into the initial approval equation. I have dealt with and resolved questions in my mind long ago about the ability of women to lead, and it is clear to me that gender in leadership has little to do with anything.

Prime Minister Thatcher, Ambassador Kirkpatrick, and Secretary Rice have proven this beyond a reasonable doubt for me. Janet Reno and Madeleine Albright have proven that women can be just as incompetent as any man in government as well.

The thought process of some women, after hearing of Sarah Palin’s selection to be McCain’s running mate, seems to argue on the side of the sexist attitudes they would portend to resist.

In a New York Times article, we read this…

“Some Clinton stalwarts took offense, saying they felt as if Mr. McCain had decided that, for women disappointed that they could not vote for Mrs. Clinton, any woman would do. 'It’s an insult,' said Jan Roller, a Clinton delegate from Cleveland, as she arrived home from the convention. 'You have to be qualified for the job.'"

And this…

“So I was very disappointed” to learn of Mr. McCain’s choice, Mrs. Pace said Friday, hours after the selection of Ms. Palin was announced. “No one in my office has any idea about her, and the only comment I’m hearing, which is not good, is that ‘she’s a woman and that’s why she was picked.’”

…which further leads me to the natural conclusion that women are every bit as capable of being bone-heads as are men. I may be bold enough to say that this attitude borders on being moronic and utterly offensive.

What we have in Gov. Sarah Palin is a born leader. She is sensitive and respectful of America’s conservative roots and of the sacred foundation upon which a society flourishes, the family.

Phil Harris

Phil Harris is a software engineer, author of Cry for the Shadows and blogs at Citizen Phil.

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