Neal Boortz

Allergies, I’m told, can be cumulative in nature. This happened to me with eggs. For years I burned some eggs pretty much every morning for breakfast … literally burned ‘em … hash browned eggs … until finally the doctor told me no more. Allergic. So much for the Hollandaise.

I’ve seen allergies sneak up on people like this before. You spend most of your life, for instance, in the Northeast. Massachusetts, maybe, or New York. Everything was working pretty well, health wise, until the last five or so years. Gradually you started feeling more tired and lethargic. Your work ethic went away. You head was stuffy to the point you stopped thinking clearly. You used to be able to go outside your home and feel relatively save, but no more. Now when you go outside your home you’re assaulted with a variety of noxious pollens that immediately bring about sneezing, coughing, a headache, and an intense desire to be somewhere else.

So – you move. You’ve identified the trees and plants that are causing you these problems. You did a bit of research, perhaps traveling to different locations, until you found somewhere where those trees and plants don’t grow, and you moved there. Immediately you felt better. You felt perfectly safe leaving your home knowing that there was no pollen waiting to assault you. It was a completely new life – a healthier life – and you were enjoying it immensely.

Now … would you mind answering a question for me? Seriously. Put some thought into this. If those trees and shrubs were causing you such an allergy problem where you used to live, and if you felt better immediately after moving to a place where those trees and shrubs don’t grow; could you please see if you could muster up the intellectual firepower it would take to explain to me why – after all this – why you start planting the very trees and shrubs that almost completely destroyed your health in your new back yard? On what possible level does this make any sense? These plants nearly killed you where you used to live, and now you want to plant, grow and nourish them in your new home?

Allergen producing plants aren’t the only things that can cause you grief and make your life a choking misery. There’s something else out there that can make your life miserable, cause you to feel bloated, tired, out of sorts. This allergen can destroy initiative and make you lazy and unmotivated. It robs you of the joy of achievement and the rewards of hard work. There are but a few places in this country where this weed hasn’t taken hold, and those places are threated. The noxious weed I’m talking about is Democrat big government liberalism.

Neal Boortz

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