Mike Adams

There are a couple of terms I need to stop using in my columns. One of those terms is “liberal” - most of the self-described liberals I write about in my columns are not tolerant enough to be called liberals. The other term is “gay” - most of the self-described gays I write about in my columns are not happy enough to be called gays. This is especially true of those who also call themselves “gay activists.”

The active aggression of gay activists is on full display each time they lobby for so-called gay marriage. These are the same people who argue that marriage is a form of patriarchal oppression, which benefits men more than women – despite the fact that this “patriarchal” institution shields women from violent crimes including rape. Feminists who claim to be anti-rape and anti-marriage simply suffer from severe intellectual hernia – in addition to the emotional weakness that causes them to rely upon feminism in the first place.

The common thread between opposition to heterosexual marriage and support of gay marriage is not a love of gays. It is a hatred of marriage rooted in a rebellion against God and all that He has ordained. But those who simply acquiesce on the issue of gay marriage are different. They are not engaged in active rebellion against God. They just lack the faith to believe that God will be there for them when they are subjected to personal attacks by decidedly un-gay activists seeking to destroy faithful Christians who stand in their way.

But there can be no indifference or acquiescence on this issue because same sex marriage hurts everyone. Some examples of the widespread harm that would follow in the wake of government-backed same-sex marriage follow:

1. Income taxes will be increased to make up for the marriage tax benefits given to homosexual couples. We provide financial benefits to married couples because they produce and raise children. Why would we want to provide similar benefits to homosexual couples?

2. Social security taxes will be increased in order to pay survivor benefits to “widows” and “widowers.”

3. Medical insurance premiums will rise in order to offset healthcare costs associated with the bad lifestyle choices typically made by homosexuals. AIDS, colon cancer, and hepatitis are only a few examples of the costly consequences of these bad choices.

Mike Adams

Mike Adams is a criminology professor at the University of North Carolina Wilmington and author of Letters to a Young Progressive: How To Avoid Wasting Your Life Protesting Things You Don't Understand.