Michael Reagan

Posted October 01, 2015

Some Republicans in Congress will never learn. This time the GOP's hard-right conservative minority had dreams of shutting Washington down over Planned Parenthood's illegal profiteering in fetal tissue from its abortion business.

Posted September 24, 2015

I've been a Roman Catholic since 1954. I have great respect for Pope Francis. When it comes to matters of faith and morals, what he says, goes.

Posted September 18, 2015

More than 20 million people around the world tuned in, apparently making the three-hour debate CNN's highest rated show ever.

Posted September 11, 2015

Watching Republicans on TV is getting more painful by the week.

Posted September 03, 2015

When I first read that the San Francisco Board of Education voted unanimously to give 107 students high school diplomas, even though the students has not met the requirements for graduation, I naturally assumed it was a case of educrats bending the rules to boost graduation statistics.

Posted August 27, 2015

Donald Trump is the first talk radio candidate.

Posted August 20, 2015

Is he the celebrity con man who's going to lead the GOP's parade of candidates from now all the way until next November?

Posted August 13, 2015

Donald Trump did wonders for Fox News' ratings and Megyn Kelly's star power last week.

Posted August 07, 2015

Did you catch President Obama's sales speech for his Iranian nuclear deal at American University?

Posted July 30, 2015

No one really takes Donald Trump seriously or what he spews seriously, but Mike Huckabee and Rick Perry are a whole other story.

Posted July 22, 2015

It seems that when the government tries to make good capitalists out of outlaws, many of the outlaw business practices stay the same.

Posted July 17, 2015

Donald Trump has jumped to the top of the national polls for the Republican Party's presidential nomination.

Posted July 09, 2015

FYI, my fellow Americans.Donald Trump, a political amateur, has won the first Republican presidential debate of the 2016 primary.

Posted July 02, 2015

You can tell it's presidential election season. Once again, politicians and the mainstream media are being stupid and irresponsible.

Posted June 25, 2015

Sometimes you just have to get away from politics, if even for half a weekend.

Posted June 18, 2015

Poor Jeb. He's Donald Trump's first Republican victim, but he won't be his last.

Posted June 11, 2015

We've known for a long time that Barrack Obama is clueless when it comes to dealing with what's left of Iraq. Now we also know he's still planless.

Posted June 04, 2015

In the past few weeks we've learned that Josh Dugger was a child molester, former Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert was a child molester and the Methodist Church in the UK has apologized for 2,000 cases of abuse dating back to 1950.

Posted May 28, 2015

I don't care how popular the Duggar family and their TLC reality show "19 Kids & Counting" is with Christian conservatives.

Posted May 07, 2015

Liberals have been the biggest losers in the Baltimore Blame Game.