Marita Noon

Last week, anything that wasn’t “Obamacare” didn’t get much news coverage. With that in mind, one has to wonder why “36 citizen organizations with more than 1.1 million combined members” chose June 27 to release the results of a skewed survey and introduce their nine-point plan toward a “truly renewable, sustainable energy standard.”

Perhaps they realized the folly of their effort, but had to do the press release to show their donors what they’d done, while having virtually no impact. Maybe they wanted it buried—in which case, I am happy to expose it. Americans need to see what these “groups” are really doing to our country.

In the June 27 release featured on PRNewswire, they choose verbiage that is designed to elicit an affirmative response—even I agree with some of their statements! For example, I believe we should “retool federal loan guarantees” and that “Government incentives must benefit public health, economic well-being, and the environment.” I think we all “deserve clean air, access to clean water, safe, sustainable food and good health.” I heartily embrace this statement: “The use of taxpayer dollars for energy projects, whether in the form of subsidies, tax incentives or loan guarantees, currently runs counter to the public interest.”

Who among us would say: “government incentives should hurt public health…” or “We all deserve dirty air, dirty water and bad health?”

The implication of the press release is that if you do not agree with their “American clean energy agenda,” you want “dirty air and water, and bad health.”

Their nine-point plan is supposedly based on a “national opinion poll” they commissioned that proves “Americans are deeply dissatisfied” with the “all of the above” approach to energy. (If only we truly had an “all of the above” approach instead of an only-what’s- above-ground approach.)

Marita Noon

Marita Noon is Executive Director of Energy Makes America Great.