Lincoln Brown

With the chants of “Hail Satan!” in Texas still ringing in ears of people of conscience, it should be of note that the Tuesday, July 9th marks the 73rd Anniversary of the German Evangelist Church’s protest of Adolph Hitler’s euthanasia pogroms.  It was officially known as Action T4 and it consisted of the murder of around 200 thousand people. They were killed through the use of medication in some cases phenol, by starvation and by gas. These people were mentally or physically disabled- “the least of these” one might say. This came on the heels of a law enacted almost as soon as the Nazi’s took power in Germany: a law that forced the sterilization of people with such diseases as Huntington’s, schizophrenia, and even epilepsy. A Nazi doctor by the name of Hermann Pfannmüller commented that he simply could not abide the thought of the best of the German people should die in that country’s war against the Allies to protect what he called “feebleminded, and irresponsible asocial elements”.

When one considers the unpleasant image of leering sneering hordes shouting “Hail Satan” and placing coat hangers in the hands of children, one must also remember that for otherwise reasonable, compassionate people to become unreasonable and merciless, one only needs to remember that the right of set stimuli can produce those very results.

Had Hitler at the outset told the people of Germany that he would lead them into a war that would devastate their country, turn many of them into sociopaths, lay waste to a continent and brand their nation with a stigma so vile, so odious and so intrinsically violent that its repercussions would stain that nation well into the next century and poison the minds of generations yet unborn, many Germans would have said “No way are we letting you into power.”

But he did not tell them that. He told them that their nation had arrived at its sorry state because of oppression by others. He convinced them to rise up and assert their natural superiority over those who had kept Germany down. And he carefully began to take people and divide them by labels, removing their humanity and making them easy scapegoats and targets. Once people have bought off on the idea that something evil is being done for the common good then slaughtering those who are considered the dead weight of the nation becomes nauseatingly enough, common sense. For many Germans, by the time they realized they had mortgaged their national soul to Satan the bodies were already piling up. It would take a World War to bring a halt to it in Germany.

Lincoln Brown

Lincoln Brown is the Program Director at KVEL Radio in Vernal, Utah. He hosts “The Lincoln Brown Show” Mondays through Fridays from 8-9 AM.