Lincoln Brown

Well, I stand corrected.

No sooner had my last column hit TH than I saw that some of the Occupiers were in fact moving to occupy Aspen, Colorado, a place, as Steve Martin reminds us, where rich kids with a sense of entitlement clash with developers with a sense of condominiums.

I wonder: Do the good people in Aspen wonder if this is what they voted for in 2008? 

As I understand it, the Soviet OSW occupiers are moving to smaller towns across the United States.

Apparently the effort is on to spread the revolution with self-appointed committees formed in soviets issuing demands.

Don’t worry.  I am sure it is coming to your town soon, if it has not arrived already. 

It’s been interesting to note that these members of the never-tolerant left have called Tea Partiers all manner of vile names, proving that even if the Tea Party and OWS could have some common ground, the OWS crowd is so mired in its propaganda it cannot even engage in a civil conversation

I’ve heard many of the apologists for OWS romanticize the movement and canonize them as new Founding Fathers. But as I write this I am listening to a recording on the Tom Sullivan show which alleges that SEIU has been setting up the whole OWS movement in order to transfer the money to where SEIU needs it to be.

If the audio is legit, then these new Founding Fathers are indeed working for The Man.  

I’d almost feel sorry for them if it were not for one nagging question: Where are they going to draw the line of hate? When they are done venting their ire on the millionaires and billionaires? On whom will they turn their guns next?

Let us not forget that these people have been asking for free food, free sleeping bags and free whatever-they-want. And these are the same people who have been using the bathrooms of nearby businesses, some of whom are sympathetic, but many others want no part of this demonstration.  

And therein hints the note of caution.

Clearly, these people are interested in more than whatever nebulous cause they are supporting at the moment. They feel entitled to whatever it is someone else has.

Victor Davis Hanson has raised an interesting point. The flash mobs that were making the news before OWS sprang up were not stealing canned food, or warm clothes for the winter or even copies of Das Kapital. They were stealing luxury items. Under the banner of economic justice, the OWS crowd is really saying “Give us that which is yours.”

Lincoln Brown

Lincoln Brown is the Program Director at KVEL Radio in Vernal, Utah. He hosts “The Lincoln Brown Show” Mondays through Fridays from 8-9 AM.