Kristan Hawkins

Planned Parenthood, the nation's largest abortion provider, has set their sights on college-aged women – preying on them in their moments of crisis and panic. We must expose Planned Parenthood as the big abortion business that they are -- and show young people just how Planned Parenthood is profiting off of them.

According to research Students for Life of America published last June, a majority of young people do not even know Planned Parenthood does abortions, and often have a "favorable" view of the abortion Goliath.

This generation is opposed to abortion. Every poll confirms this fact. But when Planned Parenthood presents itself in the media and on campus, they never mention the dirty word “abortion” or their corrupt business model. That's how they get their positive ratings from young people and lure them in.

After talking with former Planned Parenthood staffers like Abby Johnson and watching Planned Parenthood's new strategy to distance themselves from the word 'pro-choice' because it's too associated with the word abortion, we knew what we must do.

Starting this month, Students for Life of America is launching a year-long initiative called the Planned Parenthood Project to expose our nation's abortion Goliath, hitting them at their weakest point – abortion.

It's time this generation found out the truth. Students for Life is going to 8 campuses, in 8 states, in 8 days to show our generation what Planned Parenthood is really about: Abortion and Money. Our team is hitting the road, in a decorated minivan filled with 30,000 postcards, 5 large banners, and 915 "Planned Parenthood pink" crosses.

At every campus, we will place the 915 "Planned Parenthood Pink" crosses in the ground to show just how many lives the abortion Goliath takes every day – cutting their argument that abortions are only a small part of their business to the quick. Planned Parenthood is America’s biggest abortion business, killing almost 335,000 preborn babies a year.

Students will be forced to confront the magnitude of this number because the main area of their campuses will be filled with 915 pink crosses to show Planned Parenthood's real plan for them.

We will drive over 3,500 miles for Life to begin the conversation our nation should have had decades ago on abortion and to expose Planned Parenthood's real agenda very simply to their target audience, young people.

Kristan Hawkins

Kristan Hawkins is the President of Students for Life of America, the nation’s largest pro-life youth organization with over 700 groups nationwide. She is author of the new book “Courageous: Students Abolishing Abortion in this Lifetime.”