Kevin McCullough

On January 1 an agreement between the United States and our most hostile enemy went into effect. This agreement was secretly negotiated at secret meetings by a secret Presidential trip, and a secretive Secretary of State.

This super secret agreement we were told would bring peace in our time.

We were told that it would hold Iran accountable, and cause them to roll back, or at least halt current uranium enrichment necessary for nuclear weapons.

We were told that the world would be safer because this agreement came about. And we were told it represented the national security interests of the United States of America.

We were told this by the administration's mouthpieces, and even the President himself.

The only problem however is that there is now no way for "We The People" to know if our employee, one Barack Hussein Obama, is telling the truth.

And in our representative republic there is no way for our representatives--even ones legally empowered to watch foreign affairs and national security specifically--to be able to know.


Because the President has the text of the agreement--an agreement we are told is unclassified--being squirrelled away--and is off limits.

Now I recognize the need to keep certain details from becoming public--at times. But this is an agreement where we are required to "unfreeze" billions of dollars in Iranian assets in exchange for Iran promising with a pinky-swear that they might decide to someday, possibly, if they felt like it, maybe, halt enriching uranium... For a day... And then back to normal.

Every foreign policy expert I've discussed this deal with, left or right, has said that not knowing the details of the deal is highly problematic, because without them there is no way that Congress can seek to hold Iran accountable to the deal. (Almost identical to having to pass the healthcare reform bill to then be allowed to read it.)

And get this: technically all members of Congress have the security clearance level to be allowed to read the deal (it's marked "unclassified") yet in true progressive form the KGB-like administration is allowing only members of Congress with "very high" clearance to be allowed to see it.

Meaning: the House committee on Foreign Affairs is even left out.

One Congresswoman from Florida, Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, has written a public letter demanding access to the text of the arrangement.