Kevin McCullough

Years from now historians will look at the presidency of Barack Obama and assess that while his goals could have perhaps been well intentioned when he campaigned for office for his first term, the ensuing campaign for his second term and the desire to change very little was conclusive proof that he couldn't care less about the nation's outcome.

I say that, and I'm not one of the pointy-hat types screaming about his islamic leanings, the place of his birth, or (the newest pointy hat fascination) that Obama's namesake father isn't even his actual DNA donor.

I've seen the circus barkers and the moon howlers and I've kept my distance.

But there is no distance that can be kept far enough to do anything other than observe that when the Friday job numbers were released, the message was simple and right in front of our very eyes: Obama's policies are a curse upon this nation.

Yes of course this means that anyone who observes such must endure accusations of being someone who automatically hates black people... simply for criticizing the man.

But the far more intelligent argument is that Barack Obama must hate black people.

How else can he preside over an economy that has made their lives nearly 50% worse than it was under George W. Bush (you know, Satan)--a man they were told by community leaders to hate. And in most instances they followed the voices that told them to.

Yes Friday was an odd day for headlines.

For while President Obama was stuck trying to explain why his economy was sputtering to a halt, with black unemployment skyrocketing to nearly 15%, President Bush was seen on some news outlets holding a girl in Zambia. A girl that he is personally rescuing from the perils of HIV and cervical cancer.

(In case you missed it President and Mrs. Bush have been busy raising 85 million dollars to continue the work in Africa he began as President to help halt the advance of AIDS and cancer amongst the women of the African continent.)

Meanwhile President Obama's playing golf, attending more and more cranky campaign fund-raisers, pouring, serving and drinking beer, all while declaring that his health care plan -- which fewer than 4 in 10 Americans even want, "ain't goin' nowhere."

The Obama presidency has done almost everything at the very least out-of-order, and at absolute worst divined a path of almost complete economic destruction.