Kevin McCullough

Generally speaking President Barack Obama has been a disaster on foreign affairs, national security, negotiation with allies, and sending the wrong messages to our enemies. I take lengthy note of this--with precise detail--on a range of items for nearly the entirety of the second fourth of my new hardback, "No He Can't: The Dismantling of Hope and Change of Barack Obama."

Irrefutable and indefensible President Obama has insulted our allies, and spoken softly to our opponents. He has charmed our enemies while issuing overt, harsh-toned double-sided backhands to those we count our dearest friends. In the book I detail relationships with European and South American nations that have suffered this ruthless pragmatism. But this week we saw it on a grander scale in up close living color.

Up until Thursday's "Arab Spring" outreach speech, Mr. Obama had, with recent events, a notably better run on the foreign policy stage, thanks mostly to his kill decision to go get Usama bin Laden. In the polls he saw a minor bump in his approval ratings, and he had touted the accomplishment in his speech at the border where he discussed--immigration.

But most gains in his approval over the Usama kill are now in the process of being wiped out as the arrogance of his speech delivered Thursday on the issue of muslim outreach landed a backhanded sting to Jews living in the United States and especially to those living in Israel.

The demand--or as Obama's handlers would classify it--"request" of Israel to move their forces back to the 1967 borders was perceived as not only a rebuke to Israel, but an overt move to weaken them militarily, and to put them on defense against Islamic radical, Palestinian stirred, Hamas funded terrorist propaganda.

Within hours news organizations were able to release polls that demonstrated a 67% disapproval rating of President Obama's handling of Israel, her alliance with the United States, and the general tenor of the relationship between the two vital allies. Mark my words--this most recent slap at Israel's face, piling on to other great feats like famously keeping Israel's Prime Minister waiting for hours in White House holding rooms while he went off to eat dinner, attend to other business, and generally just blow off steam, will damage President Obama in the general election with jewish votes, but almost as important with jewish campaign contributions.

As a matter of fact, over the course of my short forty-one years, I'm hard pressed to remember another President who handled his relationship with Israel as poorly and as badly and as publicly as has Barack Obama.