Kevin McCullough

Dr. Jeremiah Wright should be twice stricken with the guilt over his lies and betrayal told this week to Bill Moyers. Once for the betrayal and disloyalty done to his friends (left-wing marxists) and twice for his assault on truth itself.

In fact one could say he is man without a home. (Well one could say it except we know that his church just gave him a twenty-thousand square foot home amongst a bunch of "rich white people" along with a ten million dollar slush fund at his disposal, with no required reporting of what happens to any use of that money.)

But I digress...

The very fact that someone who claims a faith in Jesus Christ, serves as a pastor (theological teacher of scriptural truth), is the spiritual overseer of several thousand "christians", and yet can bald-face spout justification for his anti-patriotic statements but then assert a love for country so easily when cameras roll teaches us a great deal about this "man of God."

What it shows us is that when examined in context he's even scarier than the random sound-bytes the networks had been playing a few weeks back.

Starting with the more obvious, Dr. Wright justifies his "blacks should hate whites - especially rich whites - 'theology'" by stating: "The shame of being a descendent of Africanism is a shame that has been pumped in the hearts and minds of Africans from the 1600's on. To become a Christian you had to let go of all the vestiges of Africanism and become European."

But if that was true Dr. Wright - how on earth did all those churches rise up - particularly in the south - out of slavery? Are southern black churches now, were they then, similar to the more pious and much less animated white churches? Of course not.

And there was no "church nanny" standing over southern negroes saying, "sing the white lady's music or you'll burn in hell" either. In fact it was during slavery that some of the most beloved spirituals of all time were born. Those spirituals, which highlighted God's provision in the midst of injustice, stand in stark contrast to the asinine comments Dr. Wright seemed to repeat frequently from his pulpit over the years. (Of which he likely won't be now because he'll be kickin' it with the country-clubbers, in his 20,000 square ft mansion, while living in the midst of rich white people...)

But I digress...

Dr. Wright's statement and his belief that a black person had to become "European" in order to know Jesus as Lord and Savior is simply an utter falsehood imagined up by white-hating activists who prance around under the guise of clergy. Any man who argues otherwise does not even know the history of his own nation - particularly the history of the northern abolitionists.