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If you love freedom, cheer up. For, Catholics are marching into the game, fighting the fight for you! Catholic leaders like the University of Notre Dame are battling an unconstitutional health care mandate. Rah! Rah! Rah!

Fighting Obamacare is a hard job but somebody’s got to do it. Today, Catholics are doing it. Their lawsuits will help protect the First Amendment rights of all Americans. So, even if you’re not a Catholic, you need to support this legal fight. And, if you are a Catholic, prepare your shield, because you are marching into battle.

On May 21, the University of Notre Dame filed a lawsuit against the federal government regarding a recent U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) mandate. The mandate requires religious organizations to offer contraceptives, sterilization methods and abortion-generating prescriptions in their private insurance plans. 11 additional Catholic institutions filed similar lawsuits—including the Archdioceses of New York and Washington, two dioceses in Texas and healthcare agencies in New York.

Admittedly, some Catholics stumbled on their way to this fight for freedom. The Catholic Church and the Vatican have indulged in silliness like “affirming” global warming, recommending swift measures to combat climate change and releasing its “Top 10” picks for pop-rock songs. A number of Catholic nuns joined violent OWS revelers. And Notre Dame stumbled by inviting pro-abortion President Obama to give the commencement keynote address in May of 2009 and bestowing him with an honorary degree.

But, today, Catholics appear indefatigable in their fight for freedom. Catholic leaders, like the archbishop of New York, Cardinal Timothy Dolan, are embracing leadership: “We are called to be very active, very informed and very involved in politics. … We’re simply saying [to the federal government], don’t impose your teaching upon us and make us do as a church what we find unconscionable.”

Timeline of Administration’s attack on the First Amendment:

Katie Kieffer

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