John Hawkins

Americans rode in wagon trains across this country, tossed the Brits’ tea in the Boston Harbor, outfought the superpower of the 18th century to get our freedom, pounded the Indians, Mexicans, and Spanish into the ground to fulfill our Manifest Destiny and then for an encore, we saved the planet in WWI, WWII, and the Cold War. Our pioneer-pilgrim, hard-fighting, gold-mining, wagon-training, gun-fighting ancestors were so hard, Kid Rock's American Bad Ass should have played when they walked into a room. We conquered a continent, built the Hoover Dam, went to the moon, and not only did our Olympic athletes refuse to dip our flag to Hitler during the 1936 Olympics, we made the most evil man who ever lived kill himself in fear before we could get to him.

That's the stock that Americans come from, which begs an obvious question: What the hell happened to us?

How did the toughest, most independent society since Sparta turn into a wuss factory full of people who've never had an adventure in their life outside of a video game? We now have an entire grievance industry full of losers who spend all their time complaining that they're "offended" by everything from the name of the Redskins to the "Patriarchy" to politicians using "violent language" like "crosshairs" and "job killing." Can you imagine a member of the Greatest Generation complaining because a Japanese soldier called him a mean name? Do you think the wagon trains on the Oregon Train were more worried about "isms" or trying to avoid dying of dysentery and being scalped?

So back to that central question: How did Americans get so soft, so fast?

There are a lot of answers to that question. The military has gotten smaller; so fewer people serve; a lot of manly professions have faded away; our society has economically prospered to the point of decadence even if many people don't realize it; liberalism encourages wimpiness and failure....we could go on and on. However, the biggest problem we have is that we're systematically teaching our kids to be wusses.

The problem is that it doesn't matter how pretty, rich, or gifted you are; life is a pile of bricks coming towards you at 100 MPH and no matter how smart you are, how hard you work, or how often you do the right thing, it's going to clip you ever so often. You're going to lose a job, someone's going to die or decide he doesn't want to be your friend any more, you're going to have a stretch of bad luck, your hard work will be unrewarded, you're going to face financial stress, people are going to laugh at you -- no matter how charmed your life may be, it happens to EVERYONE.

John Hawkins

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