John Hawkins

This country has been successful not only because of the innate decency, creativity, and independence of the American people, but because of Christianity, capitalism, and conservatism. Unfortunately, all too often these days, conservatives spend the majority of our time correcting myths, misinformation, and misrepresentations about the movement instead of explaining our principles to people.

That's no coincidence.

Because conservatism is so effective, its opponents have to create a false vision of conservatism to oppose because the real thing is so genuinely appealing to people. That's not to say that there aren't bad conservatives or that conservatism is flawless -- that's certainly not the case. But in the real world, you're not going to find a political ideology that produces better people or better results than American conservatism.

Of course, if you're not conservative, you may find that hard to believe because you've been told...

Conservatives are racist: How is it that people who explicitly reject the idea of discrimination by race are called bigots by people who believe in judging Americans by the color of their skin? For every supposed racist incident drummed up by the media, you can find a hundred instances of conservatives proving that they don't care about skin color. If people are so bound and determined to call conservatives racist that they'll ignore mountains of evidence to the contrary while desperately looking for mole hills that support their beliefs, there's nothing the Right can do about it. However, if you take an honest look at it, what you'll find is that the single least racist group of people in America are conservatives.

Conservatives hate science: One of the great ironies of this charge is that in scientific debates, conservatives almost inevitably use science-based arguments and the other side typically responds with nasty smears, doomsday stories, and sad stories about polar bears. Then bizarrely, it's conservatives, not their opponents, who are accused of being "anti-science." Pay attention the next time you see a conservative and a liberal debating a scientific issue and see who's actually using science-based arguments and who's calling names and trying to scare you.

John Hawkins

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