John Hawkins

Everybody is guilty of being hypocritical sometimes. It’s just part of being human; however, modern liberalism has taken this concept to stunning extremes. The entire liberal belief system, from top to bottom, is a series of logical blind alleys, bottlenecks, and jaw-dropping contradictions.

To be a politically active liberal is to a be a person whose life is steeped in hypocrisy from the time he gets up until the time he goes to bed -- and that's despite the fact that many libs take morally abhorrent positions just so they can't be called hypocrites if they ever get caught doing something degenerate.

That being said, I will freely acknowledge that every liberal isn't guilty of all the hypocrisies that are on this list and that conservatives can be contradictory, too. Now, let's see if that actually prompts some self-reflection on the Left as opposed to cries of "Here's something conservatives are hypocritical about" and "I don't believe this one." (Sure it will. ha! ha! ha!)

Liberals believe that...

1)'s impossible to come to any sort of reasonable compromise with conservatives on anything, but that we can fix our problems with nations like Iran and North Korea by just sitting down and talking things out.

2) ...they're the most compassionate people in society. Yet, in study after study, you find that conservatives give more of their money to charity than liberals.

3) ...they're not racist despite the fact that they consistently support policies that have been several orders of magnitude more devastating to black Americans than the Ku Klux Klan.

4) ...we've all got to dramatically reduce our carbon footprint to save the planet. Yet, liberals like Al Gore live in big mansions and fly around in private jets while still maintaining their credibility with their fellow environmentalist libs.

5) ...they're the people who are really looking out for women, but they strongly support sexual predators like Bill Clinton and they regularly hurl grotesque sexist insults at feminist role models like Sarah Palin who don't toe-the-liberal-line.

6) ...we definitely need to have higher tax rates in this country. Yet many of Obama's nominees and cabinet members, including the Secretary of the Treasury, don't pay their taxes as is -- and liberals are okay with that.

John Hawkins

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