Joanne  Moudy

Successful businesses have three things in common: A well-recognized, positive public image, an unending supply of new or repeat customers, and a product customers believe they can’t live without. Without these important elements, businesses are doomed.

The business of abortion is no different. With an annual budget of $1.5 billion, Planned Parenthood has spent millions of dollars cultivating the market by targeting children with exciting, upbeat advertising campaigns which define every type of sexual exploration as something akin to eating candy and watching cartoons. But as Alliance Defending Freedom points out in its webpage, Planned Parenthood purposefully designs its advertising to target children and adolescents.

Let’s face it, humans are sexual beings. We were designed this way so that we would procreate offspring, which allows for the continuation of the human race. But Planned Parenthood exploits that biological truth and pushes children to begin thinking about sex as early as possible, way before they are old enough to understand the concepts. Without a fully developed moral compass, or a grasp of potential consequences, kids - loaded with unfettered knowledge - are likely to experiment at the earliest possible ages.

In Planned Parenthood’s eyes, having sex isn’t about committing yourself to a lasting relationship or understanding the enormous consequences of your actions. Instead, it’s about creating a casual attitude toward it and encouraging experimentation. While some might argue that children need to be taught about their bodies, 10 year-olds are usually too young to assimilate the graphic images and descriptions which Planned Parenthood exposes them to.

But that’s what is required for this nefarious organization to make a profit. Regardless of the detriment to a moral society, they must keep their constant supply of clients at peak levels. After all, if strong religious faith or abstinence entered into the equation, Planned Parenthood would soon be out of business. So the more aggressively they can promote the experimentation of sex by making it deliciously appealing, the more their services will be needed.

Joanne Moudy

Joanne Moudy is the author of “The Tenth,” a paranormal thriller exploring the very real trauma of abortion in a fictional realm. She proudly served as an officer in the military for nine years, before specializing in emergency nursing until retirement. She speaks regularly on the subjects of religious freedom, traditional marriage, and pro-life, and the impact of liberalism and secularism on all of humanity. You can follow her on Twitter @composedof1.