Hugh Hewitt

"He is a bitter man...Jeremiah Wright is a joke...[What] Obama's crazy preacher is saying this week" is a "side show."

These quotes are from my interview Wednesday with Bloomberg View's Jonathan Alter, the transcript of which is here.

Rev. Jeremiah Wright is relevant again, and about to get even more relevant, and it will be hard for the MSM which loved the 50-year old story of alleged bullying at Cranbrook to ignore the details of what happened 50 months ago. Alter is a strong supporter of Obama and a very smart guy, and he knows this re-emergence of Wright is very bad news for the president. His dismissal of the story is a cue for every other MSM lefty.

Too late. The reverend gave some on the record interviews and a tape recorder was running. A Superpac has noticed. News of a planned independent expenditure timed for the Democratic convention will cause shudders from 1600 Pennsylvania to the City of Big Shoulders and Really Big Egos.

Watch for even more panic from Chicago as Mitt Romney's April fundraising numbers stun and then scare the geniuses who timed the president's transparently political conversion on same sex marriage.

Is Joe Biden the chief strategist of this circus? Time to throw him under the bus and put in Hillary. Let me show you a column I wrote for Politico in the summer of 2009. The dumping of Joe Biden was as easy to foresee as the failure of the stimulus and sustained unemployment above 8%. Alter thinks the Chicago gang thinks such a move would indicate panic. The panic flag is already hoisted.

The emergence of another round of super-billionaires from Silicon Valley this week will not help the president, because most of the Facebookers will be Obamians, just like the Solyndra gang. When will the 99% figure out that the people they really loathe, not the 1% but the .01% percent, are mostly the presidents' friends from Hollywood and the Bay Area, and they aren't exactly pumping up the coffers of the food banks and the Salvation Army. The middle class --the independent voters struggling to keep their heads above water-- how will they feel about another round of the Virtual Robber Barons who will join George Clooney at his next big bash for the president?

Hugh Hewitt

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