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Hugh Hewitt interviews Michael Oren, a fellow at the Shalem Center in Jerusalem, professor in the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University and author of “Six Days of War: June 1967 and the Making of the Modern Middle East.” Oren is also a reservist in the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF). He spoke with Hugh from his position near the Gaza border.

Hugh Hewitt: It’s very late in Israel, but I wanted to follow up on a couple of articles that you have written, one in the Wall Street Journal, one in the Los Angeles Times over the last few days. How important is success in Gaza to Israel’s security?

Michael Oren: I think it’s essential to Israel’s security. In fact, without that type of success, a million Israelis in the southern part of the country will remain terrorized by rocket fire. Today, we had 50 rockets in this area alone, including about three that smacked pretty close to my position from where I’m talking. And you know, life cannot go on in any sense normally with that type of constant terror.

Hewitt: In the Wall Street Journal piece of last week you wrote it’s also the last chance to reassure Israelis of the viability of a two-state solution. Can you expand on that a little bit for our American audiences as to what the stakes are of success here beyond the security of Southern Israel?

Hugh Hewitt

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