Frank Turek

As more Americans learn that “hope and change” really means more government and less liberty, support for President Obama is falling dramatically. That should be no surprise. Despite the 2008 election, liberalism is a minority view in the United States. The non-partisan Battleground Poll taken more than a dozen times since 2002, shows that conservatives consistently outnumber liberals by more than 20 percentage points, most recently 60% to 36%. And Gallup just found that conservatives outnumber liberals in all fifty states (yes, even in Taxachusettes)!

This means that Obama and the liberal wing of the Democrat party are trying to take the country in a direction it does not want to go. Unfortunately, when Republicans are in power, they’re too afraid to take the country in the direction it does want to go. In other words, Democrats mislead while Republicans fail to lead.

Today’s leading Democrats don’t just mislead by going in the wrong direction; they often mislead by failing to tell the truth about that direction (which is the only chance they have of legislating their unpopular and failed ideas). For example:

• President Obama says he’s not for a single-payer healthcare system, but then video from the presidential campaign and his earlier state senate campaign remind us that he actually is for a single-payer system.

• Conflating healthcare with health insurance, the President says that the millions of uninsured require us to pass health reform NOW! Then we learn that the legislation is not intended to go into effect until 2013. So why all the urgency now if those desperate uninsured must wait for “hope and change” until after President Obama runs for reelection? Is it because the President knows that most people will hate government healthcare once they’re forced to stand in line for it?

• Nancy Pelosi tells us that the “mob” (formerly called “the American people”) is misinformed. Despite chapter and verse citations by this misinformed mob—whom unlike their representatives have actually read the healthcare bill—Pelosi and Obama tell us there’s nothing in the bill that will encourage rationing or euthanasia. Now the U.S. Senate tells us that “end of life counseling” provisions are being removed because they could be “misinterpreted or implemented incorrectly” (like for rationing and euthanasia?).

Frank Turek

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