Doug Giles
The Slum Lord Millionaire: Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf

Man, it was hard picking an op-ed mark this week because the chum slick was so thick with fresh chunks of juicy lunacy from Islam and our pals on the left.

Here’s what I ping-ponged back and forth on Friday: Should I write about James Lee, the whiny and pathetic wannabe mass murderer? Y’know Mr. Lee, don’t ‘cha? He’s the radical pro-abortion, Al Gore ogling tree humper who got thumped by SWAT after grabbing hostages at the Discovery Channel. That’s a possible target of interest for a column (no pun intended) because liberals, not conservatives, it seems, are the ones who’re snapping lately.

Another story that caught my ferret-like attention span was the Baptist Pepto-Bismol terrorists who were busted in Amsterdam with their Dry-Run Terror Starter Kit and were subsequently released because authorities didn’t find anything odd with multiple duct-taped cell phones, box cutters, a wad of cash and the now famous gaffer-taped Pepto-Blackberry … uh … um … device. What’s that? You say they weren’t Baptists but Muslims from Yemen? Well, heck, all the more reason that ditty might be worth a little more investigation and a 900-word column … or two.

Another nugget that I found in the Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Chum Bucket of Love that was tempting to write about was ABC, CBS, and NBC fighting over the rights to a new TV show called “

Good Christian Bitches.” The title of this show seemed strange to me because I thought, given all the PC stuff we’ve been saddled with regarding Islam, that we’d also trip over ourselves being sensitive to other religions—like Christianity. Silly me. I wasn’t aware of the fact that the obstreperous can gleefully whiz on Christians with impunity but won’t permit anyone to mutter a contrary word about Islam’s rank global human rights violations. Can you imagine if a network aired a show called the Islamic equivalent of the aforementioned? Ka-booooom!

Doug Giles

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