Derek Hunter
What a difference 7 days make... Mopping Up the Weiner Mess

Since my column last Sunday Congressman Anthony Weiner has confessed that he’s the one how sent the infamous “junk shot,” and an even more...”infamous” one has come to light since. There’s no point in going into the mia culpa, the pregnancy or any of the details that have been so ably covered by others, however there is one part of the scandal Id’ like to point out - the clean up.

But first, I have to give props to my friend Andrew Breitbart for hijacking Weiner’s “wiener conference” Monday. That was a beautiful thing, er, yeah, I guess I can use that word. Proof, as if anyone needed it, that Andrew has...the lower part of the second photo I referenced above. (Apologies to readers, I write like I talk, in tone, if not word choice.)

Back to WeinerGate.

How could this happen? The easy answer is that some men simply have no morals and will take any port in a storm, even if it’s digital, blurry and the size of a blackberry. The actor who plays Jack Donaghy on NBC’s “30 Rock,” Alec Baldwin, has a theory (Weiner’s busy and stressed & is just a modern man), as does the actress who plays Rachel Maddow on MSNBC’s “The Rachel Maddow Show,” Rachel Maddow (It was just bad manners). But my theory is slightly different. It’s a combination of “power” and fame.

I put “power” in quotation marks because, and I hate to burst anyone’s bubble, most Members of Congress are insignificant and have none, at least on the House side. There are 435 Members of the House of Representatives (more if you count the non-voting members from US territories. I don’t.) and only a handful really have any real power. Members of Leadership and Committee Chairs pretty much run the show. What they all do have is a vote, but most times those don’t really matter either since so few bills pass or fail by one vote. What some of them also have is celebrity.

Fame for the sake of itself has become easier and easier to get these days. There is no Earthly reason the world should know who Paris Hilton is, and we wouldn’t were it not for her, and society’s, embracing of something that just a few year prior would’ve shamed her into a monastery. OK, maybe not HER, but a normal person.

Derek Hunter

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