Sat, Jun 12, 2010

Rich Tucker | June 12, 2010

BP’s “plan” was a joke, as it quoted a deceased expert and promised to protect “walruses, sea otters, sea lions and seals,” animals that don’t live in the Gulf of Mexico.

Ken Blackwell | June 12, 2010

Speaker Nancy Pelosi has decided to follow President Obama’s lead in claiming that God directs her lawmaking, invoking the Bible as her legislative roadmap. If a conservative Republican did this, it would be the top of the news.

Ever since the passage of the 19th Amendment permitted women suffrage, feminists have anticipated a sea change in our politics.

Paul Greenberg | June 12, 2010

Protestations of peace and goodwill have proven transitory, and the hateful propaganda that has proven lasting. Even in the mouths of Americans like Helen Thomas.

Paul Driessen | June 12, 2010

The Monsanto Company is learning a valuable lesson in Haiti: no good deed goes unpunished at the hands of radical anti-corporate elements of Western society.

Dan Kennedy | June 12, 2010

Arizona and their immigration law is first on Obama's list, but he might come after your state next.

Fri, Jun 11, 2010

Kathryn Lopez | June 11, 2010

Women can be completely irrational. They can be overemotional. They can be downright wrong.

Jonah Goldberg | June 11, 2010

In the movie "The Andromeda Strain," scientists discover an alien bacteria with the potential to destroy humanity. Immediately, government protocols snap into place. The nation's greatest experts drop everything and race to their lab to work on the problem.

Mary Fallin | June 11, 2010

With the country facing a recession that has now cost 15 million Americans their jobs and their livelihoods, you would think Washington would be focused on encouraging an economic rebound and promoting job growth.

Dan Gainor | June 11, 2010

The global nanny state wants to take another bite out of your freedom. Its new target – your dinner plate.

Rich Galen | June 11, 2010

After proclaiming loudly that the GOP's tough immigration stance was going to really, really hurt them among Hispanic voters, Democrats have finally looked at some polling and decided that to a great degree the country agrees with the Republican position.

Jillian Bandes | June 11, 2010

Indiana’s eighth Congressional district is yet another Republican district that a Democrat has managed to hold for two cycles. In the fall of 2010, Republican nominee Larry Buschon intends to bring it back into conservative hands.

Brent Bozell | June 11, 2010

It should tell you something that MTV is still highly valued by Hollywood as the televised center of the coolness universe. Why else would a top movie star like Tom Cruise dress up ridiculously as a fat, bald, bearded guy and embarrass himself in a profanity-littered skit on the MTV Movie Awards?

David Limbaugh | June 11, 2010

I don't know which is more pathetic, President Barack Obama's TV threat to "kick ass" or Time magazine senior political analyst Mark Halperin's suggestion that Matt Drudge's provocative headline concerning the threat intentionally played to the alleged racism of his readers.

Mona Charen | June 11, 2010

Newly minted Nevada senate candidate Sharron Angle is a kook. That's what Sen. Harry Reid's people are telling reporters.

Oliver North | June 11, 2010

It was a gentle rebuke while I stood in line to pay for a cup of coffee at a truck stop just off Interstate 95 a few miles from Fort Bragg: "You folks in the media have a hard time getting things right, don't you?"

Pat Buchanan | June 11, 2010

When Sarah Palin, in a rambling lakeside announcement last July in Wasilla, said she was quitting as governor of Alaska because of the abuse she and her family were taking from petty politicians and a feral press, she was written off as dead by the pundits.

Suzanne Fields | June 11, 2010

Only yesterday to be called an "intellectual' was a compliment. But intellectuals no longer carry much weight in politics, in cultural salons, book clubs or the wider world of ideas.

Michael Gerson | June 11, 2010

How does a mind -- born into comprehensive tyranny, conditioned for loyalty, fed on lies -- eventually change?

David Harsanyi | June 11, 2010

Any impartial national media type will tell you as much: A bunch of half-baked zealot nut jobs have emerged from the Republican primary field.

Matt Towery | June 11, 2010

I'm going to exercise a new freedom with polling. I'm going to take advantage of my experience with a nonpartisan polling firm to ask Americans some hard-hitting questions that can't in fairness be asked by that nonpartisan firm.

Linda Chavez | June 11, 2010

Labor unions were big losers in this week's elections, but you won't hear them admit it.

Rebecca Hagelin | June 11, 2010

More and more people are finding that the hospitals they have gone to for help are becoming the places that permanently put them or their loved ones out of their misery.

Brian Walsh | June 11, 2010

This fall, Southwest Virginians have the chance to send President Obama and Speaker Pelosi a message by sacking one of their most loyal lapdogs.

Congressman Peter Roskam | June 11, 2010

Everywhere we look, technology has changed our daily lives—from the way we pay our bills, to the way we buy plane tickets or keep in touch with friends and family.

Thu, Jun 10, 2010

Diana West | June 10, 2010

From Obama's participation in the socialist New Party in the mid-1990s, to his connections to communist-terrorist Bill Ayers, it's all relevant today.

Donald Lambro | June 10, 2010

Super Tuesday's primary results gave voters a much sharper, bolder definition of the Republicans' anti-incumbent campaign against the Democrats in the midterm elections.

Ashley Herzog | June 10, 2010

If pro-choice activists have faith in the movement, they need to do better than trotting out a scenario that never happened in this country and claiming it's a historical reality on the verge of re-emerging. If they truly have the moral high ground, they have nothing to lose from being honest.

Michael Reagan | June 10, 2010

As we pass the 50-day mark of the terrible oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, it seems like the more things change the more they stay the same.

Cliff May | June 10, 2010

Israel is at war and were Israel to be defeated much of the world would not shed wet tears. What would happen after such a defeat? No one can seriously doubt that Hamas has genocidal intentions.

Allen Hunt | June 10, 2010

President Obama's need for continued leadership coaching astonishes me. His inexperience rears its ugly head almost daily.

Ann Coulter | June 10, 2010

Sarah Palin needs to endorse Rob Simmons for U.S. Senate. Otherwise, Republicans can kiss the possibility of a major upset in Connecticut goodbye.

Jillian Bandes | June 10, 2010

The Campaign for America’s Future held their three-day political fest in Washington, D.C. with a lineup of speakers that would make Stalin himself do a happy dance.

Hugh Hewitt | June 10, 2010

The MSM are still trying to figure out how the GOP has come up with such great female candidates this year.

Hugh Hewitt | June 10, 2010

Analysts across the MSM are still trying to figure out how the GOP comes up not just with Meg Whitman and Carly Fiorina from a so-called "progressive state" like California, but also Nikki Haley in South Carolina, Sharron Angle in Nevada, Susana Martinez in New Mexico and Kelly Ayotte in New Hampshire.

Victor Davis Hanson | June 10, 2010

A Turkish Islamic group -- the "Humanitarian Relief Foundation," often associated by Western intelligence agencies with terrorist sponsorship -- orchestrated the recent Gaza flotilla. It was hoping for the sort of violent, well-publicized confrontation with the Israeli navy that later followed.

Michael Barone | June 10, 2010

After the latest round of primaries, some lessons can already be drawn from this political year. Incumbents are not popular, especially Democratic incumbents. Democrats' big government programs are hugely unpopular. Economic distress has made Americans yearn not for more government but for less.

Larry Elder | June 10, 2010

Congress is now considering yet another "stimulus" package. But did the administration's previous one work? Of the $787 billion stimulus package, President Obama said it would "save or create" 3.5 million new jobs. Has it?

Cal Thomas | June 10, 2010

A major part of President Obama's attraction, especially to the many young people who voted for him, was his supposed difference from other politicians.

Jackie Gingrich Cushman | June 10, 2010

My maternal grandmother, Linda Clay, was one of 11 children, born and raised on a tenant farm outside of Woodbury in middle Georgia. From an early age, the children began helping in the fields and house and by tending livestock.

Debra J. Saunders | June 10, 2010

So much for the undeserved stereotype of California Republicans voting lemming-like for the most conservative, unelectable contenders. Tuesday, GOP voters rejected the most conservative candidates in favor of moderate hopefuls generally deemed to be more likely to win in November.

Steve Chapman | June 10, 2010

Mark Kirk, the Republican nominee for the U.S. Senate in Illinois and a member of the Navy Reserve, made unfounded claims to have been the Navy's intelligence officer of the year, commanded the Pentagon war room, come under fire in Iraq and served in both the 1990-91 and the 2003 Iraq wars. But even now, he can't give straight, believable answers about his embellishments.

Emmett Tyrrell | June 10, 2010

That did not take long. Helen Thomas says Israelis should "get the hell out of Palestine" and should return to Germany, Poland and the USA and poof she is gone. She does not even leave a trace. Was it the rough language, or was it the offense to our ally Israel?

Howard Rich | June 10, 2010

Voters clearly no longer want politicians who promise to “create jobs,” they want politicians who promise to get out of the private sector’s way.

Larry Kudlow | June 10, 2010

Revolution in California and political regime change come November has been a theme of mine for weeks. Tuesday night's big victories for Meg Whitman and Carly Fiorina moved that agenda nicely down the field.

Wed, Jun 09, 2010

Walter E. Williams | June 09, 2010

My March 2008 column "Is Obama Ready for America?" started out: "Some pundits ask whether America is ready for Obama. The much more important question is whether Obama is ready for America and even more important is whether black people can afford Obama."

Larry Kudlow | June 09, 2010

Her model of entrepreneurship, growth, and opportunity can carry her to victory this fall.

The drop in the stock market (now about 1,000 points on the Dow) is a graphic indication of the stark fact that we are entering the infamous double dip of the recession, long feared and predicted.

Paul Greenberg | June 09, 2010

These days the scholar gets even shorter shrift at prestigious universities across the country -- as opposed to the academic climber who winds up either in administration or warming an endowed chair to no clear purpose.

David Aikman | June 09, 2010

Most Americans are sympathetic to public references to Islam and to Muslims that do not offend patriotic American Muslims or affix to the Islamic religion the rantings of al-Qaeda.

David Harsanyi | June 09, 2010

Some people accept that certain things cannot -- rather than should not -- be said.

John Stossel | June 09, 2010

America's current struggles notwithstanding, life here is pretty good.

Brent Bozell | June 09, 2010

The last two presidents have been elected on the very dubious campaign promise of "changing the tone" of Washington.

Jonah Goldberg | June 09, 2010

Outraged by Arizona's immigration policies, the Los Angeles City Council wants to boycott the Grand Canyon State.

Ken Blackwell | June 09, 2010

Back in 1948, liberals were excited when President Harry Truman took to whistle-stopping and scorching the “do nothing 80th Congress” run by Republicans.

Michael Medved | June 09, 2010

June grads: Don't believe your parents or grandparents if they tell you that the time you just spent in high school or college represents "the best years of your life." If that were true, then the road ahead could lead only downhill — denying the profoundly desirable possibility that the greatest experiences will come near the end rather than the beginning of your journey.

Michael Gerson | June 09, 2010

Teach for America has become a revolutionary force in education reform because it has taken a rigorous, scientific approach to teaching.

The drop in the stock market (now about 1,000 points on the Dow) is a graphic indication of the stark fact that we are entering the infamous double dip of the recession, long feared and predicted.

Michael Gerson | June 09, 2010

Not long ago, during an hour and a half period, the Trinidad neighborhood of Northeast Washington, D.C., had four shootings and a stabbing that together claimed eight victims. Among them was a 13-year-old boy killed by stray gunfire.

Ben Shapiro | June 09, 2010

At every point in some boy's life, he has to face down a bully and fight him.

Terry Jeffrey | June 09, 2010

On the last three days of March, teams of temporary Census Bureau workers visited the types of places, including what the bureau calls "targeted non-sheltered outdoor locations" (TNSOL), where homeless people are known to congregate. These workers were carrying out the "Service-Based Enumeration" (SBE) phase of the Census, which counts the nation's homeless population.

Austin Bay | June 09, 2010

Economic misery and repression played roles, but an overt act of corruption brought the people into the streets.

Jacob Sullum | June 09, 2010

Nearly a decade after the Sept. 11 attacks, we still have not settled the question of how to deal with terrorism suspects. Should they be in military or civilian custody?

Ed Feulner | June 09, 2010

The Obama administration’s overly idealistic pursuit of a reduction in American and Russian stockpiles of nuclear arms has led it to actually sign a woefully flawed treaty.

Marybeth Hicks | June 09, 2010

The folks at Comedy Central don’t seem to know the difference between good-natured humor and vile, insulting content.

Tue, Jun 08, 2010

Donald Lambro | June 08, 2010

The American jobs machine nearly ground to a halt last month -- further evidence that the economy remains anemic under President Obama's business-bashing, anti-capital investment policies.

Roger Chapin | June 08, 2010

With Iran pouring in rockets, missiles and reportedly chemical warheads to Hezbollah, the chances of a blood bath between Arabs and Jews increase daily. Nevertheless, there may very well be a way of at least forestalling if not preventing such a horrific disaster.

Humberto Fontova | June 08, 2010

Half a century into the show, the spectacle of Cuba’s Stalinist dictator and the Democratic/ MSM axis crooning duets is much too routine to inspire serious commentary.

Harry R. Jackson, Jr. | June 08, 2010

Last week, Rep. Artur Davis (D) lost his primary bid for Governor of Alabama in a crushing defeat. His opponent, Ron Sparks, won by 25 points in a contest which some believe shows that the race-based politics of the south have not changed.

Chuck Norris | June 08, 2010

Spiritual regression is not only a trend but also an epidemic.

Caroline Glick | June 08, 2010

In our times, it took days for anyone other than Jews and conservatives to condemn Helen Thomas's vile statements.

Ken Klukowski | June 08, 2010

While Tuesday is a major primary-election day across the country, once Wednesday dawns the nation’s eyes will start turning to the Supreme Court as the next major story in America’s capital.

Armstrong Williams | June 08, 2010

The problems with today’s system were created by the government, plain and simple; after all, it’s not the CEOs of companies writing immigration laws; well-meaning but stupid politicians do that just fine all on their own.

Heather Bachman | June 08, 2010

With less than a thousand days of his presidency remaining, Barack Obama’s strategy to alter the nation is a consistently debated subject. And what's next?

John Hawkins | June 08, 2010

"Never again." It's what the world said after the Holocaust. Fast forward sixty five years and the only thing standing between seven million Jews in Israel and a 2nd Holocaust is their ability to fight for their own survival and the increasingly inconsistent support of the United States.

Thomas Sowell | June 08, 2010

Random thoughts on the passing scene

Mike Adams | June 08, 2010

Left wing White House reporter Helen Thomas was recently forced to issue an apology to African American citizens.

David Limbaugh | June 08, 2010

So much for these bizarre theories that President Barack Obama is toying with a grand triangulation strategy, whereby he abandons his Democratic congressional allies in the 2010 elections and allows Republicans to win and save his fiscal fat from the fire.

Dennis Prager | June 08, 2010

With the exception of the United States, nearly all the world's nations; newspapers, radio and TV news stations; the United Nations; and the world's Leftist academics and organizations have condemned Israel over the Gaza flotilla incident.

Pat Buchanan | June 08, 2010

On this matter of offering federal jobs to potential candidates to induce them not to run against Senate Democratic incumbents, this White House is drifting dangerously close to the falls.

Debra J. Saunders | June 08, 2010

In the United Kingdom, Tory Prime Minister David Cameron has warned that his new coalition government will have to invoke austerity cuts that could affect Brits for years, even decades. New Jersey GOP Gov. Chris Christie has turned into a conservative hero for telling an irate teacher who complained about her pay at a town hall meeting that she doesn't have to teach.

Phyllis Schlafly | June 08, 2010

The spectacular loss of American jobs is devastating to more Americans than the oil spill in the gulf, but Barack Obama still doesn't get it. This month he bragged to an audience of truckers in Hyattsville, Md., that our economy is "getting stronger by the day."

Bill Murchison | June 08, 2010

As one cranky senior-citizen newspaper columnist -- wait, this isn't about me; I'm referring to Helen Thomas -- fades finally from public view, let us attempt politeness.

Mon, Jun 07, 2010

Byron York | June 07, 2010

The White House admitted recently that it offered Colorado Senate candidate Andrew Romanoff a job at the U.S. Agency for International Development, but it has never said specifically what it offered Rep. Joe Sestak to keep him from challenging Arlen Specter in the Pennsylvania Senate primary.

Nathan Tabor | June 07, 2010

Before Americans breathe a sigh of relief upon hearing the rhetoric and threats aimed against British Petroleum (BP), we must wait and watch what's being done in the backrooms of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives.

Scooter Schaefer | June 07, 2010

In a few weeks Obama's judicial nominee Elena Kagan will face the Senate Judiciary Committee and the American people in her nomination process to serve on the Supreme Court.

Allen Hunt | June 07, 2010

Lesson: You cannot afford to major in the minors.

Mike Adams | June 07, 2010

I got a lot of hate mail last week in response to my column about Joel Osteen. Much of the hate mail was from the usual sources. But much of it came from so-called conservative atheists. These conservative unbelievers thought I should stop talking about my religious views on a conservative “political” website. But I refuse to do so for two reasons: 1) Because God is a conservative. 2) Because Joel Osteen is bad for both Christianity and conservatism.

Frank Gaffney | June 07, 2010

Generations of U.S. Marines have exemplified the motto "No better friend, no worse enemy" with their unstinting dependability in the face of adversity, and their ferocity in combat.

Steve Mroczkiewicz | June 07, 2010

We as parents have a lot on our minds these days. Too many of us are out of work and struggling to pay the bills.

Rich Galen | June 07, 2010

I have never been a fan of Helen Thomas but I had been a fan of Paul McCartney for four decades. Now, I think they should they should both be taken to the woodshed, or whatever the British equivalent of a woodshed might be.

Lurita Doan | June 07, 2010

Americans have two toxic, spreading slicks that must be cleaned up. One is in the Gulf where we are haunted by pictures of a never-ending flow of oil. The other uncapped gusher, of even more dangerous toxins, is in Washington and flows from a broken pipe out of the Obama White House. This toxin is going to be even harder to clean up.

Michael Barone | June 07, 2010

Republicans are encountering some speed bumps on what they hope is the road to victory in the November elections. Their candidates for Republican open Senate seats in Ohio and Missouri are running no better than even in recent polls.

Star Parker | June 07, 2010

Instead of focusing on starting to build on what they had, the focus was the ongoing political agenda against the Israelis.

Caroline Glick | June 07, 2010

The ferocity and speed of the current international assault on Israel has left the government in a daze. Statements from our leadership are marked by confusion.

Terry Paulson | June 07, 2010

Many students are lucky if they get even a basic knowledge of civics and the American government. They may know who is in the White House, but not a lot about what that president does that is important to their future.

Joseph C. Phillips | June 07, 2010

The more we Americans learn of the Sestak affair, the more questions we have.

Bruce Bialosky | June 07, 2010

The Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform recently had its first meeting, and they are widely expected – after the November election, of course – to recommend a national VAT tax as the best way to solve the revenue crisis. The problem is that we have a VAT already.

Jillian Bandes | June 07, 2010

Why has incumbent Democratic Rep. Travis Childers enjoyed such popularity in Mississippi's first congressional district?

Mary Grabar | June 07, 2010

Since Al spends so much time on saving Planet Earth he probably doesn’t have time to find a date, so I'll write a personals ad for him.

Sun, Jun 06, 2010

Paul Jacob | June 06, 2010

Getting soft on politicians? Not on your life.

Kevin McCullough | June 06, 2010

Most Americans are outraged at Helen Thomas' culturally and ethnically based anti-semitic biases, said with seemingly complete sobriety and coherence this past week to a rolling video camera.

David Stokes | June 06, 2010

This past week could be described as the tale of two tapes. The video tells the story. In both cases, the images have led to public outcry. One shows a botched baseball call, the other shows what really happened on board a ship—a vessel that was up to no good.

Salena Zito | June 06, 2010

“Never let a serious crisis go to waste … it’s an opportunity to do things you couldn’t do before,” White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel advised during the early days of the financial crisis.

Austin Hill | June 06, 2010

They were seemingly the best of times, but they ended up looking like the worst of times.

Debra J. Saunders | June 06, 2010

I want to start a series of occasional columns about how in modern America, everything is so complicated that we can't get simple things done.

Steve Chapman | June 06, 2010

In the Midwest, we don't have damp, blustery fall days: We have Big Ten weather. We don't have mammoth land-grant universities: We have Big Ten schools.

Patrick J. Michaels | June 06, 2010

In today’s odd academic culture, including the world of climate science, academic freedom applies selectively. People use their positions and their email for politicking and electioneering and have no trouble retaining their jobs.

Ken Connor | June 06, 2010

As ludicrous as it seems, our government's response to an economic crisis fueled largely by reckless borrowing and spending has been to... borrow and spend more.