Sandy Rios

While the banking and mortgage industries imploded, attorneys at the Securities and Exchanges commission, tasked with oversight, indulged themselves on the job with hours of pornography. While the BP oil rig off the coast of Louisiana was badly in need of inspection, the federal agency charged with doing that waived the scrutiny and engaged in illegal drugs, sex and bribery.

Our national debt is soaring, our borders being invaded by illegals and intruders, the unemployment rate climbing, home foreclosures rising, our coastal shorelines in peril with two wars waging, while our President has issued a proclamation demonstrating what really garners his attention:  homosexual rights.

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“For far too long, many of our government’s hard-working, dedicated lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender employees have been denied equal access to the basic rights and benefits their colleagues enjoy,” wrote the President of the United States, Barak Obama.  “This kind of systemic inequality undermines the health, well-being, and security not just of our federal workforce, but also of their families and communities.”  Sounds good.  Who wants things to be unfair, but what exactly does he mean?

 First that more and more of our desperately needed tax dollars will be spent to promote Obama’s very clear intention to radically alter the definition of family.  While other positions he holds may be vague, his commitment to radical homosexual rights has been clear.   More money will be spent on child-care for children of same sex partners, more to provide them with employee assistance programs, more money for retired homosexual federal employees, more for said partners and their children in “evacuation payments,” extra pay allowances for certain locations, more for travel and relocation expenses, inclusion in the federal credit union, access to fitness facilities, long-term care insurance.  That’s all he can do without Congressional approval, but look for that to change soon through the Employment Non-Discrimination Act which will complete the full-fledged inclusion of same sex partners in all benefits.  We must spend more tax dollars to assure “fairness,” and we must do it….now.

Sandy Rios

Sandy Rios is Vice President of Family Pac Federal, a FOX News Contributor and host of Sandy Rios in the Morning on AFR Talk.