Sat, Jul 11, 2009

Doug Giles | July 11, 2009

Is anybody else out there not buying the Mother Teresa comparison crap the MSM is attempting to pawn off on us regarding Michael Jackson?

Hugh Hewitt | July 11, 2009

Senate Democrats want to tax soda. House Democrats want to tax carbon and higher incomes. California Democrats want to tax everything.

Fri, Jul 10, 2009

Dan Kennedy | July 10, 2009

From free enterprise to fearful enterprise. From ambition, initiative and investment, to hoarding and inaction and exit. This the only thing Obama has actually stimulated: a climate of fear.

Larry Kudlow | July 10, 2009

There’s no question that current government policies for taxes, spending, and regulation are causing the U.S. to lose competitiveness in the global race for capital, prosperity, and growth.

Donald Lambro | July 10, 2009

The White House had been working for months to talk Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan into running for President Obama's former Senate seat to keep it from falling into Republican hands.

Kathryn Lopez | July 10, 2009

Michael Jackson's circus of a memorial was heartbreaking. Not because Usher broke down while singing. Not for most of the reasons given by the overwrought international press corps.

John Kline | July 10, 2009

There they go again. Democrats have controlled the White House and both chambers of Congress for less than six months, yet already their tax-and-spend ways are hurting America’s economy – and taking away jobs.

Rich Tucker | July 10, 2009

In fact, the unemployment rate now is almost 20 percent higher than the Obama administration warned it would be if we didn’t pass the stimulus package. But that’s no surprise, since the $787 billion “stimulus” bill was never intended to stimulate job creation.

Rich Galen | July 10, 2009

Sen. Roland Burris (D-Ill) announced he won't be running for re-election having remembered that maybe he and his people perhaps had sort of offered to raise money for former Governor Rod Blagojevich.

Michelle Malkin | July 10, 2009

Let there be no doubt: Democrats are the party with two ideas: borrow and spend. The only vigorous internal debate on the left revolves around two questions: How much and how much more?

Brent Bozell | July 10, 2009

The Washington Post called it an "orgy of praise" and an "exercise in excess."

David Limbaugh | July 10, 2009

There is still time to stop the legislative monstrosity known as the Waxman-Markey cap-and-trade bill before the Senate approves it. But for that to happen, Americans must learn how bad it is.

Mona Charen | July 10, 2009

Obama economic adviser Laura Tyson has suggested that the U.S. should consider a new economic stimulus package because the $787 billion bill enacted in February was "a bit too small." Right.

Oliver North | July 10, 2009

The glow is off the rose. The euphoria is gone. The thrilled, awe-inspired crowds are no longer there. No, that's not a reflection on the recent Michael Jackson media madness.

Michael Gerson | July 10, 2009

Being an educated, professional woman in Afghanistan could not have been easy at any time during the last few decades.

David Harsanyi | July 10, 2009

Really, where would we be if a bumpkin like Palin were president?

Linda Chavez | July 10, 2009

When will the failing U.S. economy become President Obama's problem? To date, the president seems immune to criticism of his handling of the economy, except from conservatives.

Donald Lambro | July 10, 2009

The White House had been working for months to talk Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan into running for President Obama's former Senate seat to keep it from falling into Republican hands.

Burt Prelutsky | July 10, 2009

Conservative pundits keep lecturing us about treating Barack Obama with respect instead of following the example of those nasty liberals who, not satisfied with trashing George W. Bush for eight long years, are still at it.

Charles Krauthammer | July 10, 2009

The signing ceremony in Moscow was a grand affair. For Barack Obama, foreign policy neophyte and "reset" man, the arms reduction agreement had a Kissingerian air.

Pat Buchanan | July 10, 2009

o grave was the crisis in western China that President Hu Jintao canceled a meeting with President Obama, broke off from the G8 summit and flew home.

Suzanne Fields | July 10, 2009

You took a fine time to leave us, Sarah. Can't you imagine Kenny Rogers singing about it?

Thu, Jul 09, 2009

Jerry Bowyer | July 09, 2009

The long-awaited triumph of the silicon-based life forms over the carbon-based life forms has arrived. No, I'm not talking about the new Star Trek or Transformers movies. I'm talking about a couple of data nerd economic reports released this week. Jobs are down.

Paul Greenberg | July 09, 2009

Somewhere along the way, in keeping with the bureaucratic times, Hannah Arendt's banality of evil developed into a vast, modern technocracy of evil. Progress marches on, or at least calculates on.

Diana West | July 09, 2009

The first I heard about what happened to Lt. Col. Timothy Karcher, the last U.S. commander of Sadr City who recently signed over jurisdiction to Iraqis, was from a reader. He e-mailed me about my last column, which argued that "allies" don't declare victory over each other (as Iraq's prime minister Nouri al-Maliki declared "victory" over the United States), and the sooner we realize Iraq isn't our "ally," the better.

Meredith Turney | July 09, 2009

We’re almost seven months into the Obama Administration’s first term and change is certainly occurring at breathtaking speed. In fact, much of the change is taking place too quickly. Stimulus spending, socialized health care and the cap and tade legislation are being railroaded through Congress, with Democrats frantically prognosticating that if we don’t act fast enough, our nation is doomed.

Roger Schlesinger | July 09, 2009

I am just as big a critic of the U.S. Government's massive spending for questionable projects as anybody, and yet over my years on this earth, I have seen so many people either not using or not having common sense, that I can easily start moving the blame from the government (actually government officials) to just plain, garden variety people.

George Landrith | July 09, 2009

Late this spring, there was a successful in-flight test of the Airborne Laser (ABL) tracking system. Despite this, there is a common misperception that the ABL is an experimental defensive weapon that has no practical use. On some level, this misperception is understandable. After all, lasers may be commonly used in eye surgery, but the only place most people have seen lasers in battle is in the movies.

Floyd and Mary Beth Brown | July 09, 2009

Judge Sonia Sotomayor is wrongly being sold by Team Obama as an "empathetic nominee." This adjective is shown a farce when one examines her record in two noteworthy cases involving Jeffrey Deskovic and Frank Ricci.

Dan Gainor | July 09, 2009

Nearly 200 years ago, emperor Napoleon came back from exile and re-conquered France without firing a shot.

Cliff May | July 09, 2009

The news is not that American combat troops withdrew from Iraqi cities. The news is that American combat troops withdrew from Iraqi cities in victory -- rather than in defeat.

Michael Barone | July 09, 2009

The financial system collapsed. Housing prices cratered. Unemployment is at a record high for the last quarter-century. The Democratic president has a solidly positive job rating.

Larry Elder | July 09, 2009

While the media stopped to cover Michael Jackson's death, several tremors rocked the foundation of something that actually affects us all -- Obamanomics.

Cal Thomas | July 09, 2009

Most of us are familiar with the old expressions: Look before you leap; a stitch in time saves nine; if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. These phrases remind us to think before accepting anything as fact.

Debra J. Saunders | July 09, 2009

Here's the reason Californians don't trust Sacramento: In July 2003, the state controller's office figured there were 230,000 state employees.

Matt Towery | July 09, 2009

As thousands of people filled a huge arena in Los Angeles this week, and millions more were glued to their television sets; as accolades unlimited were spoken about the late "King of Pop," my mind was on how seven other Americans might be honored.

Steve Chapman | July 09, 2009

Just as quickly and vigorously as conservatives rejected Miers, they embraced Palin. Even after her bungling performance in the 2008 campaign and her strange decision to resign as governor of Alaska, some of them still do.

Emmett Tyrrell | July 09, 2009

A few weeks back, at the dawn of the Obama administration, I was at dinner with a very bright woman of middle years who calls herself an independent.

Ross Mackenzie | July 09, 2009

First, the political landscape stands dramatically changed from just a year ago - and the media landscape along with it. So, second, it's a landscape regarding which there are no experts. So, third, who's to say Sarah Palin is any more ditzy than the self-styled experts?

David French | July 09, 2009

I used to watch events in Washington closely, fully believing that news reports and political debates had meaningful impact on the battlefield.

Ken Blackwell | July 09, 2009

Inside-the-Beltway folks are having a field day analyzing the motives of Gov. Sarah Palin. Conservatives and liberals alike seem mystified.

Emmett Tyrrell | July 09, 2009

One of the little-noted projects of the government health care reforms being considered on Capitol Hill today is the channeling of health care money away from the elderly and toward community services and drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

Wed, Jul 08, 2009

Ann Coulter | July 08, 2009

Sarah Palin has deeply disappointed her enemies. People who hate her guts feel she's really let them down by resigning.

Brent Bozell | July 08, 2009

The network news divisions are enjoying the unprecedented coverage they're providing President Obama, not just because they support him, but because White House specials are cheap and do well in the ratings.

Roger Schlesinger | July 08, 2009

Mortgage brokers, bankers and even secretaries in mortgage companies had been downgraded in the public's mind to be at best, on a par with politicians, if that's possible. That, of course was when we in the mortgage industry were discovered to have created the worst crisis since the great depression, as well as starting the fire at Mrs. O'Leary's place and rumored to have made the loan to the Mara's to buy Giant stadium and bury that union guy in the outfield.

Michael Reagan | July 08, 2009

Six years and two months after former President Bush stood under the infamous "Mission Accomplished" banner atop the U.S.S. Abraham Lincoln and announced the end of major combat operations in Iraq, United States combat troops have removed themselves from Iraq's urban areas into more secure and remote bases of operations.

Marvin Olasky | July 08, 2009

Sanford in June 2008, as he was already in water over his head, wrote to the Argentine subject of his affections that he had "crossed lines" he never would have imagined crossing.

Michael Medved | July 08, 2009

This sense of usefulness, of service to a larger network of people, represents a richer reward for productive business activity than even the most lavish corporate pay package.

Rich Galen | July 08, 2009

I asked a group of people yesterday afternoon if they could explain to me the public's fascination with deeply flawed people who die prematurely. I got blank stares so, to lighten the mood, I said, "I have the 'deeply flawed' piece down cold, but I think I blew right past the 'premature dying' thing."

Jonah Goldberg | July 08, 2009

It's been hard to glean the Obama doctrine's form because for so long it seemed the president's most obvious guiding principle was "not Bush," particularly when it came to the Iraq war.

Jillian Bandes | July 08, 2009

Republican Members of the in the House Ways and Means Committee will have three days to read a health care reform bill that is being penned by Democratic staffers behind closed doors before a vote will be called.

Thomas Sowell | July 08, 2009

Much of the backlog of cases in our over-burdened courts has been created by the courts themselves, with adventurous judicial "interpretations" of laws that leave a large gray area of uncertainty around even the most plainly written legislation.

Michelle Malkin | July 08, 2009

Jacko fever spread to the Beltway, where the House of Representatives held a moment of silence for the entertainer. President Obama sent a highly publicized letter of condolence to the Jackson family. And topping them all, Rep. Sheila Jackson-Lee, D-Texas, drafted a 1,600-word congressional resolution.

John Stossel | July 08, 2009

Insurance, whether private or a government Ponzi scheme like Medicare, means third parties pay the bills. When someone else pays, costs always go up.

Walter E. Williams | July 08, 2009

It goes without saying that slavery was a gross violation of human rights. Justice would demand that all the perpetrators -- that includes slave owners, and African and Arab slave sellers -- make compensatory reparation payments to victims.

Jonah Goldberg | July 08, 2009

Before Sarah Palin stepped on the story, the talk of the Beltway was Salongate at the Washington Post. The venerable newspaper hatched a scheme whereby it would hold a series of "salons" at the home of publisher Katharine Weymouth in order to sell lobbyists and corporations access to Obama administration officials and the Post reporters and editors who cover them.

Tony Blankley | July 08, 2009

Professional politicians and political journalists don't waste energy on political corpses. They reserve their energy -- positive or negative -- for viable politicians.

Cal Thomas | July 08, 2009

The soon to be former governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin, is like one of those souffles my mother sometimes made. The recipe warned against premature removal from the oven because the dish would collapse.

Michael Gerson | July 08, 2009

Around midnight on April 15, 1912, there were a few minutes when Capt. Edward Smith of the Titanic realized his ship was going down -- six watertight compartments breached, less than two hours to float -- yet his passengers slept in happy ignorance.

Terry Jeffrey | July 08, 2009

What if in 2025 a husband and wife decide they want to use old-fashioned incandescent bulbs in the sanctuary of their home? Will the light-bulb left defend their right to privacy and freedom of choice?

Ben Shapiro | July 08, 2009

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., promised Americans that when they took over Congress in 2006, they'd restore accountability and transparency.

Austin Bay | July 08, 2009

Post-Sept. 11, the Pentagon snapped up Thomas Barnett's Information Age rendition of Known and Unknown Worlds. Barnett, in a seminal article in Esquire magazine's March 2003 issue, astutely labeled his Known World the "core" (connected and relatively stable places) and his Unknowns "gaps" (disconnected, isolated places potentially filled with 21st century dragons like terrorists and rogue states with nuclear weapons).

Jillian Bandes | July 08, 2009

Republican Members of the House Ways and Means Committee will have only three days to read a health care reform bill that is being penned by Democratic staffers behind closed doors before a vote will be called.

Rebecca Hagelin | July 08, 2009

What used to be the most basic of activities has become increasingly difficult to schedule in today's busy world. But bringing back the time-honored practice of "breaking bread" with your own family could be the single greatest step you take toward saving your family from all kinds of ills.

Ed Feulner | July 08, 2009

You may want to think twice before taking your next deep breath. Every time you exhale, you’re supposedly endangering the planet -- by contributing to global warming.

Jacob Sullum | July 08, 2009

"The farmers are not our enemy," the State Department's Richard Holbrooke recently declared, referring to Afghans who grow opium poppies.

Ken Klukowski | July 08, 2009

People are praying in a city hall in Michigan, and atheists are up in arms. People of faith should hope the secularists push this into court, because this time the believers should win.

George Will | July 08, 2009

The death of Robert McNamara at 93 was less a faint reverberation of a receding era than a reminder that mentalities are the defining attributes of eras, and certain American mentalities recur with, it sometimes seems, metronomic regularity.

David Harsanyi | July 08, 2009

Acting as if everything is falling apart, though, is a rhetorical imperative during stimulus season.

Tue, Jul 07, 2009

Richard Olivastro | July 07, 2009

It was July 8, 1776. Founder Samuel Adams had just heard the Declaration of Independence read aloud in public for the first time.

Donald Lambro | July 07, 2009

The Obama administration's latest lame excuse for its failed stimulus-spending plan is that it underestimated the severity of the recession.

Sandy Rios | July 07, 2009

The reason Sarah Palin resigned her post as Governor of Alaska is really no mystery. And yet we must make it one. A person can never be taken at her word.

Douglas MacKinnon | July 07, 2009

With Sarah Palin’s understandable announcement that she is resigning as Governor of Alaska, predictable and outright cruel invective oozed out of the mouths of the loathing left. Why do so many liberals have such an unhinged hatred of this woman? Why do so many alleged feminists and female members of the mainstream media openly and gleefully despise Palin?

Jon Sanders | July 07, 2009

It is apparently not enough for President Barack Obama to ramrod through a host of statist programs and czarify the entire U.S. government.

Nathan Tabor | July 07, 2009

While corporations, nonprofit organizations, political campaigns and other human endeavors continue to take advantage of the far-reaching capabilities of the Internet, the world's most noble endeavor continues to be the bringing of the Good News of Jesus Christ to billions of people.

Matt Barber | July 07, 2009

Relativism is as relativism does and Barack Obama does it well.

Thomas Sowell | July 07, 2009

The reasoning behind the 5 to 4 [firefighter] decision is a painful reminder that the law is still tangled in a web of assumptions, evasions and contradictions when it comes to racial issues.

Chuck Norris | July 07, 2009

The White House has offered what amounts to diplomatic dribble in response to their plight for liberty. I'm not saying our president should send a militia to muscle the mullahs, but shouldn't he at least show stronger solidarity for the protesters?

David Limbaugh | July 07, 2009

Just a few short years ago, Democrats were up in arms over King George III's (President George W. Bush's) "unconstitutional" executive power grabs. Where are these people now?

Mona Charen | July 07, 2009

The French Republic is not blessed or burdened with a First Amendment. So when President Nicolas Sarkozy recently suggested that France ban the wearing of the burqa in all public places, the Chamber of Deputies took it up.

Dennis Prager | July 07, 2009

The importance of the summit meeting in Moscow between President Barack Obama and Russian President Dmitry Medvedev pales in comparison to the events taking place in Honduras.

Pat Buchanan | July 07, 2009

According to Fleming, who once sat on the board of admissions, white applicants must have all As and Bs and test scores of at least 600 on the English and math parts of the SAT even to qualify for a "slate" of 10 applicants, from which only one will be chosen.

Debra J. Saunders | July 07, 2009

Those words may come back to haunt her. When she assumed office in December 2006, Palin committed to Alaskan voters to serve four years. Having failed to do so, she will be in no position to campaign in 2012 for four years in the White House.

Phyllis Schlafly | July 07, 2009

When Obama announced his stimulus appropriation, he promised millions of "shovel-ready" jobs.

Bill Murchison | July 07, 2009

Sarah Palin wants to run for president? Quick -- get the butterfly net. Who in his -- or her -- right mind would want to strut into the economic Hiroshima that the Democratic Congress and White House seem bent on precipitating? What a fine mess!

Lorie Byrd | July 07, 2009

I saw a bumper sticker today that said "STOP H8N."

Mon, Jul 06, 2009

Harry R. Jackson, Jr. | July 06, 2009

Hundreds of thousands of Christians from numerous denominations and independent churches spent at least 3 to 5 minutes in their worship services yesterday falling on their knees before God, praying for America.

Terry Paulson | July 06, 2009

President Obama seems committed to pushing through his version of health care reform whether we want it or not! Like his stimulus package, Americans wonder whether he will let politicians, much less citizens, read his plan before passing it!

Rich Galen | July 06, 2009

The Sarah Saga isn't going anywhere and can wait for another day. Today, I want to tell you a story about an Independence Day from more than a decade ago.

Michael Barone | July 06, 2009

One policy of the Obama administration that has understandably attracted little public attention is its proposal to make the Federal Reserve a "systemic risk regulator."

Jillian Bandes | July 06, 2009

The race for chair of the Young Republican National Federation involves a key growth constituency for the GOP — young people — and the two candidates have come to represent a microcosm of the divisions being worked out in the Republican Party as a whole.

Burt Prelutsky | July 06, 2009

Being a conservative, I naturally spend an inordinate amount of time attempting to psychoanalyze left-wingers, trying to figure out what makes them tick. God knows I’m not bragging.

Star Parker | July 06, 2009

Black Christians should take note and learn a few things about our black President.

Bruce Bialosky | July 06, 2009

Every day we are giving away our freedoms by electing people who willingly usurp our rights for what they say is “the common good.” The latest instance is the taking of unused gift cards by state legislatures.

Rachel Marsden | July 06, 2009

Before the next politician goes down the Sanford road, I’d like to offer some general advice to them in my capacity as a political and media strategist.

Mike Adams | July 06, 2009

The main stream media is finally discussing the sexual preferences of Frank Lombard - the Duke University administrator accused of molesting and offering his five-year-old adopted son for sex, via the internet.

Neal Boortz | July 06, 2009

Well now. Our economy is really lunging forward, isn’t it? What a ride! Are you holding on?

Sun, Jul 05, 2009

George Will | July 05, 2009

he state cannot pay its bills, poorly educates its young, and its taxation punishes whatever success that its suffocating regulatory regime does not prevent.

Paul Jacob | July 05, 2009

It may be called "Independence Day," but (as the Founders knew) we're all in this together.

Salena Zito | July 05, 2009

Thanks to vacancies created by last fall’s election, then-president-elect Barack Obama faced the first dramas of his administration: Finding credible, re-electable bodies to fill those seats.

David Stokes | July 05, 2009

One revolution was about individual rights and dreams. The other was about “the people” as a group and the highest virtue being “the greater good.” Can you guess which one is which?

Austin Hill | July 05, 2009

I did. It came from the address info @

Ken Connor | July 05, 2009

While the deaths of two pop-culture icons are certainly newsworthy, the amount of news coverage devoted to America's celebrity obsession is grossly out of proportion

Jackie Gingrich Cushman | July 05, 2009

Pledge to yourself, and to your friends and family, that you will work to remind government who is in charge.