Sat, May 16, 2009

Nick Nichols | May 16, 2009

It is rare that a news headline catches my attention these days. Most of them are simply variations on the same theme.

Fri, May 15, 2009

Jillian Bandes | May 15, 2009

The tribulations surrounding the GOP’s endorsement of Charlie Crist over Marco Rubio – and the implications it could have for the moderation of the national party - are wrapped up in internal squabbles among Florida politicos.

Guy Benson | May 15, 2009

Poor Nancy Pelosi. For more than two years, our beloved House Speaker has been fighting for the public interest, toiling to restore “integrity and civility” to the Capitol’s lower chamber, and striving to shape the most ethical Congress in world history.

Kathryn Lopez | May 15, 2009

It's an odd day when Donald Trump becomes your hero. But that's the new light I see him in, standing beside Miss California as she withstood the worst kind of public incivility, just for giving an honest answer to a question about a fundamental institution in American lives.

Floyd and Mary Beth Brown | May 15, 2009

American talk show host Michael Savage is banned from entering the United Kingdom. "You've got to be kidding!" was our first thought when we heard this news.

Rich Tucker | May 15, 2009

Who says newspapers are obsolete? Sometimes a single front page can explain as much as a weighty Washington tome.

Mario Diaz | May 15, 2009

This week, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee voted to support Harold Koh’s nomination to become the top State Department legal adviser.

Rich Galen | May 15, 2009

Those of you who are following me on Twitter or wasting your time on Facebook know that I went to the Virginia DMV the other day to get a new license plate for my motor scooter.

Mike Gallagher | May 15, 2009

To complain about multiple tours of duty as an excuse for an act of sheer evil is wrong. There's nothing rational about evil.

Michelle Malkin | May 15, 2009

I think it's time we applied the same advertising standards to Washington's legislative products that the feds apply to breakfast foods.

S. E. Cupp | May 15, 2009

More than 40 years before we elected a black president – who is himself the product of an interracial marriage – Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn tackled the then-tricky topic in Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner.

Brent Bozell | May 15, 2009

In these hard times, Americans are trying hard to relax and take refuge in entertainment. But The Washington Post is insisting that country music fans are not really sympathetic figures.

Jonah Goldberg | May 15, 2009

If President Obama is sincere in his expressed desire to block the release of photos of alleged prisoner abuse in U.S. detention facilities in Iraq and Afghanistan, congratulations are in order.

David Limbaugh | May 15, 2009

Since Bill Clinton's 1992 presidential campaign, proponents of socialized medicine have bombarded us with nonstop demagoguery about the 40 million-plus uninsured to create a crisis mentality sufficient to catalyze sweeping "reforms."

Mona Charen | May 15, 2009

The other day I chatted with a pregnant gal at the hair salon. She was about 20, sweet, pretty, and demure.

Ken Blackwell | May 15, 2009

This is a tale of two worldviews. It begins not unlike the opening paragraph of Dickens’ immortal work, A Tale of Two Cities. Schoolchildren once memorized these famous opening lines, back when schoolchildren memorized anything.

Oliver North | May 15, 2009

It is said that there are two kinds of lawyers: those who know the law and those who know the judge. And then there is Harold Koh, the man who is likely to be the next legal adviser to the State Department.

Pat Buchanan | May 15, 2009

By reversing himself and refusing to release graphic photos of abused prisoners of war, Barack Obama has stunned liberals.

Michael Gerson | May 15, 2009

The first response to the performer on a public stage wishing the death of a stranger for political reasons was discomfort.

Suzanne Fields | May 15, 2009

John Edwards wears the scarlet letter on his tailored Armani suits. The bold letter "A" is not embroidered with fine needlework such as Hester Prynne sewed for herself.

Debra J. Saunders | May 15, 2009

Even when the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals does the right thing -- as it did Monday in denying convicted killer Kevin Cooper a hearing on yet another of his dubious appeals -- there is always a judge, or in this case five, on the court with an overly active imagination.

David Harsanyi | May 15, 2009

The first case of prostitution probably dates back to the Paleolithic era, and the last instance of quid pro sexus most likely will take place whenever it is that human civilization finally expires.

Linda Chavez | May 15, 2009

If there was one incident that led to the decline in support for the Iraq War at home and abroad, it was the 2004 publication of pictures of U.S. soldiers taunting and abusing prisoners at Abu Ghraib.

Paul Greenberg | May 15, 2009

Kipling thought it a test of manhood if you could keep your head while others all about you are losing theirs. On the other hand, you just may not understand the situation.

Donald Lambro | May 15, 2009

Last month's nationwide "Tea Party" demonstrations -- protesting massive government spending increases and rising taxes -- were minimalized by the national news media.

Charles Krauthammer | May 15, 2009

Earlier this month, I wrote a column outlining two exceptions to the no-torture rule.

Burt Prelutsky | May 15, 2009

I am one of those people who have loved baseball nearly my entire life. Even though I was born in Chicago and moved to L.A. when I was just a kid, I was never a fan of the Cubs, the White Sox or the Dodgers.

Thu, May 14, 2009

Matt Towery | May 14, 2009

Goldman Sachs director Stephen Friedman recently defended his purchase of Goldman shares while he was serving as chairman of the New York Federal Reserve. Oh, no, there's no conflict of interest there, right?

Jillian Bandes | May 14, 2009

When Marco Rubio announced his candidacy for the open U.S. Senate seat in Florida, he launched another battle in the war over the GOP’s march to the center.

Paul Kengor | May 14, 2009

In May 1995, his first year as Pennsylvania governor, Tom Ridge was invited by Gannon University, a Catholic college in Erie, Pa., to give the commencement address and receive an honorary degree.

Ross Mackenzie | May 14, 2009

Additional stops on a random walk through a garden of issues currently in the news . . .

W. Thomas Smith, Jr | May 14, 2009

The Gadsden Flag may soon be branded a symbol of “extremism.”

Diana West | May 14, 2009

Dick Cheney has been decrying the national security policies of the Obama administration -- closing Guantanamo Bay, ending enhanced interrogations of captured jihadists, even preparing to release some into the United States -- because the former vice president says they leave this country more vulnerable to a terrorist attack.

Dave Juday | May 14, 2009

Fred Barnes showed in one of his recent columns in the Weekly Standard why he is one of Washington’s premier pundits by summing up President Obama’s performance.

Cliff May | May 14, 2009

Speaking to the annual conference of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee the other day, Vice President Joe Biden said: "Israel has to work toward a two-state solution."

Sandy Rios | May 14, 2009

The mighty American oak may soon be pruned down to size. And the “Association of Community Organizers Now”—or ACORN—could accomplish it all.

Michael Barone | May 14, 2009

Republicans and conservatives are trying to grapple with the Obama administration's $3,600,000,000,000 federal budget -- let's include the zeroes rather than use the trivializing abbreviation $3.6 trillion -- and the larger-than-previously-projected $1,841,000,000,000 budget deficit.

Larry Elder | May 14, 2009

Former Secretary of State Colin Powell put it somewhat differently when he offered his prescription to extricate the GOP from its "deep trouble."

Ken Blackwell | May 14, 2009

The conservative movement in America must unite. The movement is often spoken of as having three parts: economic, social and national security.

Cal Thomas | May 14, 2009

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visits Washington next week and if anyone wants an appropriate song to characterize the buildup to his meeting with President Obama it should be the old Sammy Cahn-Jule Styne number "I've Heard That Song Before," which goes, "It seems to me I've heard that song before; it's from an old familiar score; I know it well, that melody."

Emmett Tyrrell | May 14, 2009

I see that my chum Terry McAuliffe will be in Virginia's June 9 Democratic primary competing for his party's gubernatorial nomination.

Larry Kudlow | May 14, 2009

Does anybody really believe that adding 50 million people to the public health-care rolls will not cost the government more money? About $1.5 trillion to $2 trillion more? At least.

George Will | May 14, 2009

In February, California's Democratic-controlled Legislature, faced with a $42 billion budget deficit, trimmed $74 million (1.4 percent) from one of the state's fastest growing programs, which provides care for low-income and incapacitated elderly and cost the state $5.42 billion last year.

Steve Chapman | May 14, 2009

Here's the Obama administration's plan for emptying out Guantanamo, as I understand it:

Wed, May 13, 2009

Ann Coulter | May 13, 2009

Not even Dick Cheney can incite the blood-curdling rage of liberals at the sight of a sexy Evangelical Christian.

Armstrong Williams | May 13, 2009

This town is known by many colorful metaphors. Some can be repeated in print; a whole host of others cannot.

Janice Shaw Crouse | May 13, 2009

A friend of mine went to his first day on the job at the United States Department of Education and was chagrined to see a sign on the door warning, “The door be broke.”

Michael Reagan | May 13, 2009

In only a hundred days and change, President Barack Obama has committed $6.5 trillion to waste, fraud, and abuse. That's $6,500,000,000,000.00, which is more than all the costs of World War I and World War II combined.

Mario Diaz | May 13, 2009

Here we go again. President Obama’s brilliant strategy for reaching faith-based groups to strengthen community work is to appoint a church defamer as one of his advisors.

Marybeth Hicks | May 13, 2009

They say there's one in every family, one who is different from the rest. There's the one who looks like dad's side or who has the only set of brown eyes or who uniquely displays a talent for music or art.

Rich Galen | May 13, 2009

The Washington Press Corps, still recovering from their sobbing adoration of Barack Obama at the White House Correspondent's Dinner on Saturday night, fell over in paroxysms of idolatry when the President stood with representatives of large heath care plans in the White House the other day.

Jillian Bandes | May 13, 2009

There’s no good news inside the annual report released Tuesday on the state of Social Security and Medicare. There’s just bad news and worse news.

Michael Medved | May 13, 2009

Liberals love to emphasize their deep commitment to “social justice” but their obsession with economic equality produces policies that count as neither just nor fair.

Thomas Sowell | May 13, 2009

After virtually every disaster created by Beltway politicians you can hear the sound of feet scurrying for cover in Washington, see fingers pointing in every direction away from Washington, and watch all sorts of scapegoats hauled up before Congressional committees to be denounced on television for the disasters created by members of the committee who are lecturing them.

Michelle Malkin | May 13, 2009

"We spent a fortune to elect Barack Obama -- $60.7 million to be exact -- and we're proud of it," boasted Andy Stern, president of the Service Employees International Union.

John Stossel | May 13, 2009

It's human nature. No government protects resources as effectively as you protect your own property.

Walter E. Williams | May 13, 2009

What to call black people has to be confusing to white people. Having been around for 73 years, I have been through a number of names.

Brent Bozell | May 13, 2009

The raucous sound of applause for President Obama when he spoke at the White House Correspondents Dinner underlined what could be the news media's motto: "You had us at hello."

Jonah Goldberg | May 13, 2009

Harry Truman famously said of D.C.: "If you want a friend in Washington, get a dog." It turns out that Truman was wrong, at least if you go by the experts.

Mike Adams | May 13, 2009

In April of 2007, two groups at Michigan State University (MSU) decided to host a speech on illegal immigration. The speech was disrupted by radicals.

Tony Blankley | May 13, 2009

Last Sunday, the British newspaper The Times published an interview with Jordan's King Abdullah II, in which the maturing king demonstrated a deft touch in putting pressure both on the new prime minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, and on President Barack Obama.

Michael Gerson | May 13, 2009

Of the two main American political parties, Republicans are now clearly distinguished by their driving desire to lose. Every faction seems determined to rule the kingdom of irrelevance.

Terry Jeffrey | May 13, 2009

When Pope Benedict XVI was flying to Cameroon on March 17, he responded to a reporter who asked him to address -- in French -- the argument that the Catholic vision for fighting AIDS "is often considered unrealistic and ineffective."

Ben Shapiro | May 13, 2009

According to today’s left, the answer is yes: Barack Obama is America. And opposition to Barack Obama or any of his policies is therefore, by definition, anti-American.

David Harsanyi | May 13, 2009

Beyond the health issues, you may want to ask yourself whether it's appropriate for government to use taxes as a tool for strategic social engineering.

Matt Towery | May 13, 2009

Recently, every pundit and columnist under the sun has opined as to whether the Republican Party is on life support and how it might emerge from its marginalized current status and become a viable national party once again.

Donald Lambro | May 13, 2009

resident Obama's plan to close down the U.S. naval prison at Guantanamo Bay and move some of the most deadly terrorists in the world into the United States isn't going so well.

Douglas MacKinnon | May 13, 2009

In his recent syndicated column entitled “Glimmers of Hope for the GOP,” Pat Buchanan missed the most important reason why Barack Obama was elected and why the Republican Party finds itself on the outside looking in.

Austin Bay | May 13, 2009

Every day, rebel-controlled territory shrinks. The space for diplomacy is even smaller.

Jacob Sullum | May 13, 2009

Remember President Obama's New Era of Responsibility?

Tue, May 12, 2009

Scott Wheeler | May 12, 2009

Whose interest was President Obama serving when on March 30 he ordered Chrysler to either conclude a merger with Italian automaker Fiat within 30 days or lose federal bailout funds?

Allison Kasic | May 12, 2009

Athletics help develop a variety of positive character traits in children, including teamwork, leadership, and discipline, just to name a few.

John Hawkins | May 12, 2009

The GOP has spent eight years fudging the differences between the Republican and Democrat parties.

Thomas Sowell | May 12, 2009

One of the many signs of the degeneration of our times is how many serious, even life-and-death, issues are approached as talking points in a game of verbal fencing.

Chuck Norris | May 12, 2009

I am very honored to help reduce crime anywhere on the planet, even from a photo.

Mike Adams | May 12, 2009

There is a video that has been circulating around Facebook featuring me in a “dialogue” with several pro-abortion protestors from the socialist club at UMASS-Amherst.

David Limbaugh | May 12, 2009

Of the dozens of reasons to be concerned about the ever-growing and unchecked power of the federal government under President Barack Obama, the upcoming assault against conservative talk radio may surpass them all.

Mona Charen | May 12, 2009

In early April, Vice President Biden was asked if the administration was concerned that Israel might strike at Iran's nuclear facilities. "I don't believe Prime Minister Netanyahu would do that," Mr. Biden replied. "I think he would be ill advised to do that."

Cal Thomas | May 12, 2009

There are titled people in Britain and then there are people who consider themselves entitled.

Dennis Prager | May 12, 2009

Outside of politics, sports, and popular entertainment, how many living Germans, or French, or Austrians, or even Brits can you name?

Pat Buchanan | May 12, 2009

A party defines itself by what it stands for, and what it stands against.

Debra J. Saunders | May 12, 2009

Elizabeth Edwards always seemed like the yin -- a genuine human being -- to her smarmy husband's too-slick yang.

Ed Feulner | May 12, 2009

While mourning a close friend, it’s interesting to hear what others have to say about him. As expected, the recent passing of Jack Kemp generated glowing tributes from commentators both right and left.

Bill Murchison | May 12, 2009

I've lately been promoting a book I wrote on the plight of the mainline Christian denominations, featuring the Episcopal Church as Exhibit A in the Trainwreck Chronicles.

Lorie Byrd | May 12, 2009

On more than one occasion news has been made by comedians at the annual White House Correspondents’ Dinner.

Marvin Olasky | May 12, 2009

Far be it from me to contradict the Danish philosopher, but an amusing-ourselves-to-death America these days may be characterized less by boredom than by anger.

Mon, May 11, 2009

Ashley Herzog | May 11, 2009

It seems a lot of college professors didn’t like my column last week about academic socialism.

Frank Gaffney | May 11, 2009

Give Janet Napolitano her due. The Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security has taken to heart Barack Obama’s campaign pledges of “change” and “hope.”

Bill Steigerwald | May 11, 2009

Arnold Schwarzenegger proved last week (May 5) he's not a girly-man when it comes to the debate over whether marijuana should be legalized and taxed in California.

Herb London | May 11, 2009

Based on hints, feints, public pronouncements, and off the record commentary, the administration’s stance toward Iran is coming into focus.

Roger Schlesinger | May 11, 2009

Before I conclude the above statement, I must stress the situation that confounds real estate experts throughout the country: the problem with the analysis of real estate and the lack of understanding by consumers of the conclusions.

Paul Greenberg | May 11, 2009

It's getting harder and harder to tell the daily news from the daily crop of ironies. They grow identical.

Allen Hunt | May 11, 2009

To be honest, I could never do it. If my wife cheated on me, I just cannot see myself mustering the spiritual strength to forgive her and keep the relationship together.

Harry R. Jackson, Jr. | May 11, 2009

Last Tuesday, an early morning e-mail alert was sent to gay activists instructing them secure seats in the DC City Council chambers.

Meredith Turney | May 11, 2009

The Republican Party has long been fishing for an issue that will reach out to Hispanic and other minority voters. Now, a three-inch fish may be the key to establishing common ground between that voting bloc and the GOP.

Rich Galen | May 11, 2009

This is the kind of stuff which used to make headlines, back in the days when it was rare for central governments to take control of private companies. But, these days it passes almost without comment.

Byron York | May 11, 2009

You drive up a steep, rough and winding road to reach Ronald Reagan's ranch in the Santa Ynez mountains.

Michael Barone | May 11, 2009

Many years ago, political scientists came up with a theory that elites lead public opinion. And on some issues, they clearly do.

Despite Gen. Colin Powell's advice that the Republican Party must move to the center, now is not the time for triangulation by the GOP.

Burt Prelutsky | May 11, 2009

I used to be what I thought was a liberal.

Star Parker | May 11, 2009

The columns are all over the place, and all the analyses seem to be the same.

Mike Adams | May 11, 2009

I hate to gossip – especially about a gossip columnist – but rumor has it that Perez Hilton just landed a new job.

Terry Paulson | May 11, 2009

We need an army of reporters like Cal McCaffrey. Voters have questions, and inquiring minds want to know the truth.

Bruce Bialosky | May 11, 2009

If the Obama Administration wants to achieve peace for an ally, it should ask first what the other parties are willing to concede.

Sun, May 10, 2009

Hugh Hewitt | May 10, 2009

Meg Whitman wants a job that no sane person in her position ought to be seeking.

David Stokes | May 10, 2009

It wasn’t as big of a deal as, say, an Air Force One fly over, but it was the talk of the town – and the rest of the universe, apparently - the other day when Barack Obama and Joe Biden ventured beyond the walls of the White House on a quest for ground red meat.

Jackie Gingrich Cushman | May 10, 2009

Every family has traditions and values. Some are passed down deliberately – going to Granny’s house on Christmas Eve, church on Sunday and holding doors open for other people.

Debra J. Saunders | May 10, 2009

Doublespeak is alive as Democrats pull the strings in the White House and Congress 24 years after 1984. What do they mean when they engage in Democrat-speak?

Steve Chapman | May 10, 2009

Federal law enforcement officials are not plagued by idleness these days, thanks to the demands on their time from terrorists, drug traffickers, human traffickers, Ponzi schemers and crooked politicians.

George Will | May 10, 2009

Proponents of today's world-turned-upside-down economic policies say the policies might seem wrong but really are boldly modern in their rejection of markets in favor of pervasive government intervention in economic life.

Ken Connor | May 10, 2009

The minute Justice David Souter announced his imminent retirement from the Supreme Court, the media began to engage in rampant speculation about who President Obama would nominate and what criteria would guide his decision.

Austin Hill | May 10, 2009

Does President Obama want the U.S. economy to decline further? Or is he just simply naïve about what is required to make the economy grow, and about the differences between “good“ and “bad“ economic policy?

Paul Jacob | May 10, 2009

The initiative process in 24 states has proven very useful for those who wish to limit government. But doesn't that cut both ways? Can't the Left take it and stick us with it?

Salena Zito | May 10, 2009

John Boehner says it was at his family's tavern in Cincinnati that he learned all the skills he needs for his job as House minority leader.

Doug Giles | May 10, 2009

When Old Testament Israel strayed from following God, Yahweh had unique and painful ways of getting the Hebrews’ attention.