Kevin McCullough

DISCLAIMER: In no way should the description of columnist Michael Musto and blogger Perez Hilton in the following piece be understood to apply to all males who engage or are curious about homosexuality.

Has anyone seen Carrie Prejean's brother? I'm not even sure if she has one.

But I know one thing, when I was in the sixth grade a boy in my school called my sister the name of a female dog, and he literally had a fight on his hands his entire way home that afternoon. His name was Chris Green he didn't even know my sister but in a moment of trying to injure me he called my sister that name.

For the first few blocks my friend Shane and I shadowed him up the street off the junior high campus, and then when we thought we were outside of school jurisdiction Shane held my stuff while I tackled and then proceeded to punch the living daylights out of the bully who was two grades older than me and a good eighty pounds heavier. About five minutes into it campus security drove up and dragged us back on campus where both of us were sentenced to a week of after school study hall.

It was the only fight I ever participated in my entire educational experience. And it was the last time Chris Green ever brought up my sisters within earshot of me.

Given the fact that Perez Hilton more than a week ago asked Miss Carrie Prejean her opinion and didn't like the result, someone like her brother needs to pay a visit to Perez Hilton and Village Voice columnist Michael Musto and remind them how men are expected to comport in society.

There was a day when even the word "prostitute" was not used in mixed company, even to describe women who actually were in fact prostitutes. Manliness constrained their speech, and pseudonyms were substituted like "lady of the night."

It's understandable that males who prefer women's underwear and their mother's earrings would be jealous of someone like Carrie. But it is unacceptable from any person heterosexual or homosexual to abide the types of things these two males have uttered within the last week concerning Miss California. Oh yes, and you can add to that the rather saddest excuse for manhood in prime time cable today Keith Olbermann.

Their criticism was beyond just differing on points of substance. Like pigs they wallowed in rhetorical feces, smeared it on their faces, as well as each others, and then belched it out across the airwaves.

On Friday night Musto, in particular, was extraordinarily girlish and cowardly:

"She's dumb and twisted, she's sort of like a human Klaus Barbie doll..."